Monday, April 7, 2008

Bike riding is so fun

I spent another day outside and I have got to say I LOVE IT. I am SO HAPPY that the sunshine has made its annual appearance. I even have sunburn on my chest!!!!! Me and my low cut shirts.... haha.

So as you can see I took some pics of the kiddos. The sun was in their eyes..... but I kept snappin pics! Justin does so well on his bike. I am just amazed. Bailee always had no fear so I am not surprised that she just keeps going and going..... I cannot wait to get Kevin out there too.

After our late morning/afternoon romp outside I took the kids to the store to get an ice cream. $8.37 later..... I had chocolate covered faces, a sunburned chest and smiles all around.

Could today BE any better????

Bring on tomorrow!


Special K said...

Cleavage tanning is so in this year! HA
The kids look fearless! They also look like they have grown a foot! OMG where has your babies gone?

Kirsten said...

such a fun day!

Ladiebug said...

Ah the sun sure lifts anyones spirits. Geesh why do we live here?
LOL I have a v neck!