Thursday, April 3, 2008

Breaking, broken and just plain stupid

Yesterday I was talking to Al via IM and he sort of stopped chatting for a minute. He came back and said he was sorry and that Amy just called him. I said oh. He said, she called him from Texas. Im like ok. AND? haha .... He said that Amy had broken up with her rich MARRIED boyfriend and immediately moved to Texas. She called him to say "why does this always happen to me" blah blah blah. I didn't ask anymore questions.... other than the obvious.

"Have you messed around with her since you two broke up?"

He answered me.... said just once. haha.

So I got to thinking and I decided to ask him how many women he had been with while he and I were together. He said none. ( I don't believe it for a second, don't worry ) Then he went into this story about a woman that we used to work with. The same woman who once called his cell phone and left a dirty message while Al was out of town and I heard it. She came over and told me that it was no big deal and that it was a wrong number. Anyway, at the time, I KNEW something was up between them, I just had NO IDEA it included Pee Wee...... he said, and I am quoting "none, but I did fuck Felecia D and so did Amy"

Wow..... REALLY?

He said that FD and Pee Wee used to have sex with this woman quite regularly. Wow. What a lifestyle.....

He has told me before that they used to swing and had MULTIPLE sexual partners I just never expected it to be someone I know. Ya know??? But I guess that's the life of a stripper. No joke. Scary is what it is.... lol.

I'm not condemming anyone for their lifestyle but NO WONDER Pee Wee is so messed up. She is so young and really whored herself out for anything and anyone. It's so sad. I feel really bad for her.

And yes, I have seen pictures and videos. EEK!

So that's all I have to say about that. Quite funny isn't it?

Everytime I sign onto AIM he buzzes me... every single effing time! So, that's why I'm not on AIM much......

So what else is new???

My former best friend and I have been talking a bit. She tells me one thing and then her soon to be ex hubby tells me another. I just listen and stay the eff out of it. They are already filed for divorce and have restraining orders against each other..... sounds fun doesn't it? And the kids.... well, her kids are balling because she spends HOURS with my ex fiance on the phone when she is supposed to be spending time with her kids. The soon to be ex hubby is going out drinking every single night and fucking just about anyone that breathes on him. I have no idea what's the truth. I don't really care really, the restraining orders are ridiculous, she did it first and then he followed. She did it because he tried to hug her when she went to leave one day. ( she told me this ) I think its stupid and immature and REALLY hurting the kids. My former BFF has already called crisis services to talk to her middle son because he is showing violent tendencies and really starting to act out by saying things like "your not my mother anymore" and "I want dad". When the councelor came over she said that her middle child finally said WHY he's so angry with her. Former BFF and EX Fiance have been together 1 month and her hubby has been gone for what like 3 weeks and she ALREADY has her kids spending holidays with my ex fiance and his family. I even told her... ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Thats too soon. No wonder middle son is acting out. Seriously. "Dads gone and now we have another dad"... NOT RIGHT. Even I waited 6 months before I introduced ANYONE I was dating to my kids. And even then was too soon. I feel SO BAD for those kids, I really truly do.

Anyway, my kiddos are all doing ok. Bailee can count to 10 in spanish. Justin is trying. Kevin is doing OK in school. He has officially hit that age where he TRIES to play sick and stay home. Ugh, it makes me mad. lol. He's not a very good actor, but don't tell him I said that. It is kinda funny too.... I wish I could describe how he does it..... lol.

So yeah...... Things between Jesse and I are ok. I have been feeling a bit lonely lately. I am locked up in this house with the kids a lot and that totally pounds on my brain way too much. Between the kids and the cats I need a break so bad I can taste it.

Maybe I will get a break when I go to work this weekend.

Maybe not.


Special K said...

I can imagine you need a break when all those around you are operating on high school drama and trying to pull you in! EEEEK!!!
Come to Arkansas for a month, bring the kids, we can keep 'em entertained!

Kirsten said...

You know, I kind of feel bad for Pee Wee ... she's so young and yet so screwed up, and it's like everything she does furthers her road down the self-descruction path.