Tuesday, September 16, 2008


We now interrupt this blog to bring you the following cuteness.
Bailee's second day of school. She is SO grown up, I just couldn't resist a photo op.

Oh yes, a dancing photo...... ain't she cute????

Her class :) Waiting for the teacher. I can't get photos of her dancing because they close the door and don't really let parents in. I will try next time :)


Special K said...

She is adorable as always! Hope she has a blast at dancing class! Those little girls in a circle are the epitomy of precious! That poor little girl in the pink though, does she have a Mama that doesn't follow instructions? I thought that was just mine growing up! LOL

Ladiebug said...

Oh my goodness she is sooo freaking cute!

Kirsten said...

She's so cute. and I can't belive how big she's getting!