Monday, March 31, 2008


So my ex husband and I talk via AIM sometimes. Occassionally we talk about other things than the kids making our "relationship" purely friendship.

The other day I had heard that he was on myspace. And he is. I requested him as a friend. He didn't accept the request for a few days so today I asked him.

"hey how come you didn't add me as a friend on myspace?"

"because I am scared"

"what? why? afraid I will cyber bite you?"

Then he goes into this BIG LONG discussion about how he has to explain to his girlfriend why we text ( before I had a computer ).

WOAH. Wait. So you have to explain to your girlfriend why the mother of your children texts you sometimes? REALLY? Do we really want to go down the Pee Wee road again? Seriously.

Get a grip.

Here we go again.

So yeah, Not too much new here. We went to Maple Weekend in Arcade NY yesterday. It was a lot of fun. A shaky start.... oddly enough Jesse's parents went with us, we were following them because Jesse isn't familiar with the area and Jesse's dad was going a little over the speed limit. He got pulled over. Arcade cops are PRICKS.... they have the same speed traps and totally will get you going 5 over the limit. It goes from 30 to 55 and back to 30 in less than a mile. its nuts. Anyway, we didn't know the limits and Jesses dad got pulled over and since we were following we just leaned over to the side of the road and waited. The cop got out of the car and pointed for us to pull up too. DAMMIT! If we hadn't of stopped, we prob would have not gotten a ticket. But the cop was so nice and just gave his dad and us a parking ticket. MUCH cheaper than a speeding ticket and won't go on the license or insurance. THANK GOD. But that was the most exciting part of the trip so I guess we can't complain. The weather was gorgous. We stopped at this sugar shack and saw how they make maple syrup. The kids got a kick out of tasting it. And then we went out for breakfast at this cute little diner. It was a lot of fun. Sick or not I totally went and I LOVE hanging out with Jesse's parents. They are cool peeps. Fo realz yo.

So anywho, we came home and totally crashed. We watched our BB9 and Rock of Love and went to sleep. God I love Sunday trash TV.

Oh and hello, Bret Micheals???? Will you marry me??? Pretty please???

Ending thought: I hate my ex husband.



Kirsten said...

That's why he's your ex-husband. you're supposed to hate him. goodness knows i hate mine!

And I LOVE BB9 ... no sot much Rock of Love, but I do love Brett! he's going to be here at the end of the month ... i'm not going, becuase I can't justify going to two concerts in two days (he's here the day before BON JOVI!) ... but then Poison is coming this summer ... may have to try to go to that one!

Special K said...

I agree with Kristin. Ex means good riddance.
Seriously? Some girls are so frickin' insecure. She is the NEW girlfriend. You are past history that will always be in his life. You have 2 kids. Besides all that you are in a relationship with a kid, it isn't as if you are single and still hot for ex. LORD!
He needs to get some balls and tell her where you and the kids are concerned to STFU and get a grip on the situation before PeeWee gate happens again.