Saturday, March 29, 2008

Moldy insurance

Sooooo, how's your weekend?

Mine is going pretty well. Jesse has been home since Thursday because he had to work an overnight Thursday into friday, only worked 4 hours and got paid for 12 AND he got scrap copper to take back which gave us an extra 140.00 to play with this weekend. WOOHOO! We took the kids out for dinner on Friday night and then out to lunch today. Cheap stuff, but you know, the kids will enjoy anything and whats better to do when you have a little money and DONT want to go to the mall??? eat crappy fast food. haha.

It snowed yesterday. I kid you not. We now have a fresh coat of snow on the ground that covers what we BARELY saw before of the green stuff on the ground we once called grass. It pisses me off that its STILL cold and yucky. STILL snowing and NOT SUMMER YET. GOD, how long does a girl have to wait to get a tan??? How long does a girl have to wait to relax outside with a good book while allowing the kids to squirt themselves with VERY cold water allowing them to laugh themselves into oblivion????

I digress.

So, Im sick again. Since I have lived here I have been sick more times than I have in the last 4 years. We have lived here since August. Seriously. I don't know what the problem is.... or maybe I do. See, in my bedroom there is a HUGE closet that goes along the front half of the house. In that closet is the peak on the side roof that apparently has a leak in it. It leaked all winter and caused a TON of black mold behind some rubbermaid bins I had sitting in that corner. The entire corner of the closet was black as high as the bins were stacked. I got in there the other day and bleached the fuck out of it and the wall is now white. My landlord is aware of the issue. I threw away anything that had one spore of mold on it. So let me ask you this.... in my reading of the internet today I discovered that because I am here a lot and because I am not in stellar physical condition could it be that this mold problem is causing me to get sick? Im calling the doctor this week to get an appointment for other things, but will ask about the black mold thing. Last week after I bleached out the closet I was achy for 2 days like I was sick, even tho the rest of me felt fine I was just achy all over. Not muscle tired, just a dull ache. So now I am concerned.

OH! that reminds me... good news!!!! My insurance was reinstated as of March 1st which means that I can get my script refilled and I can go get my girly appt out of the way. WOOHOO! After that whole breast cancer scare I am making sure I take care of myself and I am already overdue. Sooooooo, next week is doctor-rama in the hizzzouse.

fo sho.

Other than that, nuthin goin on.


Special K said...

Hope this isn't a double post. Blogger is having issues apparently.
Go read She has recently dealt with the mold problem and sickness but on a bigger level. *you will have to go back about a month to see the pics..UGH!
Maybe yours isn't the "bad" one. I know you have to have it tested. Bleach killed it so that is good as long as it doesn't come back. It sounds to me like it could be the culprit of your problems though.
Oh and YAY for insurance!!

Ladiebug said...

Wow black mold is scary. My friend was having really bad allergies and was sick constantly after the first winter they moved into their house. They had a walk in closet in their guest bedroom that they used for storage.The first spring, sumemr or fall it must have started leaking. They didnt know becuase it was being used for storage while they fixed heir attick up. All she knows was she started having allergy issues for the first time in her life and was constantly sick with colds and broncitis. Pnemonia that winter too. Something was weakening her immune system. Then in the spring she was doing spring cleaning and found it becuase some of her stuff was wet and she saw mold. They took everything down and tossed the items that were moldy and bleached the wall. The mold came back that summer again. So they had the whole wall removed which was an outside wall so they had to gut that side of the house and start over. The guys that did the work said they were lucky to stop it right away becuase it would have went into the rest of the wall if not. I woudlnt mess with that stuff. If they dont do anything I woud get out of there. I had another friend whose kids were constantly sick becuase black mold kept coming back that she bleached in their bathroom. They lived there a 2 years till her son was in the hospital with lung problems. They moved and the kids all got better in time.Her other son however still have to use a breathing machine. They turned the landlord in and the house was tested. The house had it so bad they had to have everyone move out..... I woudnt mess with it anymore. if it comes back make sure you show you landlord and stress that you want it tested asap.