Wednesday, April 23, 2008

gassy caffeine headaches

What the fuck!!! Have you guys seen the gas prices lately?

I drive a pontiac grand prix and it took 70.00 to fill it up last weekend. SEVENTY dollars. Remember when you could fill up for 20.00?

It's effing scary. What happens when we are spending 100.00 on a fill up??? Will this country do something then????

Probably not, but hey, atleast SOMEONE will have money to eat.

Hey big oil producers.... you fuckers are taking food out of my kids' mouthes. Go fuck yourself. Thank you. the end.

So... how are you????

I'm doing ok.

Well, maybe not ok. I'm lonely as hell. See........ Jesse works, has school and this week he had a doc appt. So I haven't seen him all week. It drives me nuts that I am the only one who sits here all the time with the kids. I really miss the family time we used to have. I really miss doing things after work. I really miss not feeling lonely.

So, that does not affect my diet too well. Especially since I don't have ANY food in the house. *** Can't go grocery shopping today because Jesse has school ( today is his payday, it used to be tuesday which worked in our favor because he didn't have school but now, not so much you can do with wednesday ) fuckers.

I am really trying with this diet. I am drinking water like crazy and limiting my food intake. I also don't eat after 7pm. I spend a lot of time in the bathroom. haha. And I normally get a caffeine headache right about now.... but still only doing 2 glasses of diet soda per day..... 1 2 liter has lasted 3 days and is still 3/4 full. Which is totally hot.......

Ugh, Im struggling.

It'll be ok, I know.



Special K said...

Here is something I did that helped me a lot.
Since I moved 10 miles from any store and at the time had one car I couldn't go grocery shopping either.
But I also couldn't run to the fast food places as well!
See where I am going with this?
Anyway, when I went to the grocery store, I went alone (noone to tempt me to buy bad stuff) and I went on a full stomach. Got lots of healthy stuff and things I had to cook. I even bought things to COOK sweets (believe you me it is harder to get up the gumption to bake a homemade cake than it is to open a Snickers).
It kept me sane. It got me down 35 lbs so far and counting.
It worked for me. I know it is hard, I am cheerleading in the corner for you!

Ladiebug said...

I was coming on to tell you to go grocery shopping with a full stomach but she beat me to it :) You can do this Angie. Even if you donthave a bunch of the salad fixings just eating till you are full helps. With all the wate ryou are dirnking and all th exercise you still are shedding fat.
Im sorry you are lonely. I know how hard it is. I dont see Dave much during the week anymore now that he is a Vol Fireman. I keep myself busy with my school work. I knoww e are both bettering our lives and I keep looking at the final picture to keep me going. We will be skinny and making more money for our family! So will you both! Just somehting to keep ya going.