Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cats and SOB ex husbands

Everytime I talk to my ex mother in law something comes up that I don't generally know about. It makes me mad because no, I shouldn't be best buds with her, but how else would I find out that he passes the kids off on her so he can go out the TWO NIGHTS a month he has them? Seriously.

He passes up time with the kids to go out. There is something seriously wrong with this. He doesn't take the kids 4 nights a month anymore, hasn't since he met Emily. He takes them at 9am Saturday morning and brings them home 5 or 6pm Sunday evening. WHY would he need to hire a babysitter? WHY.

I hate him. I seriously truth be told HATE him.

And yes, Kevin was upset that his father hired a sitter so he could go out.

Did you guys see what time I am posting this? 7:16am, I have been up for like an hour already because the cats were chasing each other all over the house and using my face as a claw rest spot causing me to bleed from the neck. I am not happy. These cats NEED TO GO. I am not even joking. Last week one of them pissed on the power strip behind the TV that holds the plugs to the DVD player, TV, stereo receiver, CD player and playstation. It started on fire. No I am not kidding. I CLEANED IT UP. Jesse just took the strip and put it in the window in the hallway that leads outside.

Jesse asked how come I don't let Kevin's friends come over here. I told him the truth. Because we have 10 cats and as much as I try to keep this place clean and smelling fresh..... sometimes my efforts just don't help. Its making me crazy. We have 3 litter boxes going that he scoops everyday but still. It smells like cat in here if we don't have the windows open. Its embarassing. But HE DOESNT CARE.

The other night the cat puked on our bedroom floor. I told Jesse to get off his ass and clean it up. He wiped it and left 2 spots on the carpet. The next morning I CLEANED IT WITH THE CARPET CLEANER.

He won't get rid of the cats. When a friend of ours took one of the little kittens that were just a few weeks old he was "sad" that the cat left. He threw a mini fit that night and was mad at ME for "making him get rid of the kitten".

Its a problem. a big one. If I were to get rid of some of them secretly, he would never forgive me. Is that a chance I am willing to take?

Last night ( and every night ) we are watching TV in our room from our bed and he has 5 cats laying on and around him so I can't get close to him. When I mention something, he leans over to kiss me. Like "is that enough?" He doesn't push the cats off of him.

Am I wrong for being angry about the cats and Al's inconsistent fathering?


Ladiebug said...

Wow I would be furious too about Al! He cant just save 1 night for just his kids? Geesh. But there really isnt much you can do. Kevin needs to say soemthing to his dad about how he feels. Coming form you will just cause a fight.
I'm sure there is something about each cat that Jesse loves but does he know it's actually illegal for you guys to have that many cats? I believe the max is 4. You should tell him the people downstairs made a comment about how they know you have more than you are allowed becuase they can hear it when you are gone. Then you could say you are afraid they will call you in. There are fines.... You couldalways say you will negotiate down to 4 the max. You have a say in it too Angie. youa re the one home all day taking care of them.
I went nuts when we had 3 cats! They were always laying all over Dave at the end of the night...but he would ignore they were there and rol over them to get to me and if they got smooshed they ran.

divorcedandsassy said...

I have already told him that landlord thing... you and I think a lot alike. Thing is, he doesn't care. I actually went as far as to say that the county called me and said that they knew and they were giving a warning that would soon be followed by a visit. He didn't care! He said whatever! I don't think he realizes that if someone calls the county they will write a ticket which will have to go to court thus causing MORE FINES. It makes me so mad. The other night the cats were chasing each other and they jumped on the table in the kitchen, they pulled the placemat onto the floor causing Kevins juice to go all over the floor and Jesse blamed Kevin for having a glass of juice on the kitchen table! That whole fire thing could have caused some serious damage if I hadn't been in the living room. It smelled and ALL of the electronics could have been ruined. He just does not care. I know I have a say and believe me I have said enough. This is one thing I am not quiet about, but wtf? When will he listen? And about Al, he is just like his father. Which means there will be no relief in sight.

Kirsten said...

I'd be LIVID about al ... i mean seriously, he has a limited amount of time with his children anyhow, and then he passes them off to his mom? Not cool.

As for cats, i'm not a fan of cats to start with ...

Special K said...

No no and HELL NO!!!
If this was a court visitation he would be losing his rights. I found this out a long time ago. The judges don't see any reason for a father to dump their kids on someone else for those short little visits either and looks REALLY bad on the Dad. 2 days a month? Seriously wtf? Priorities anyone?
Oh and the cats? This is why I don't have one. ONE stinks to death that many? I would have to be put in an asylum and kill J for even suggesting I was crazy for wanting to get rid of them.