Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Since the start of my diet I have been making due with what I have in the house for food. Basically, I have been living on water, 90 calorie granola bars and whatever we might have for dinner ( portion controlled ). I usually do give myself ONE glass of Diet C0ke per day which usually holds off until like 3 or 4pm.... by then I am a raving bitch and need to tie off the arm so the vein can show itself. Seriously.... I am addicted. BUT, the good news is I only drink ONE GLASS. This is huge for me.

My physical activity has been nothing out of the ordinary tho. I was walking Kevin to school everyday last week which worked wonderfully.... but this week it has been 30 degrees when K leaves for school..... yeah.... can someone call Mother Nature and explain to her that WE NEED HER TO MAKE UP HER EFFING MIND?????? Good god. Justin and Bailee are both sick. Jesse is getting over being sick and Kevin is getting over being sick. I haven't caught it yet, THANK GOD. But holy christ. Do we need to have such drastic temperature drops? 88 to 30 is a bit ridiculous.

I must apologize for my mood yesterday. I am discouraged by the cat situation and am ready to just make some kitties disappear while Jesse is at work. It really didn't help getting woken up by a set of claws into my face either. That made my mood SUCK ASS all day yesterday and for that, I am sorry. Oh, Im probably pms'ing too.... WOOHOO! Fun times.

Did anyone watch How I met your mother last on Monday? Did you guys see that it was about Barney sleeping with Ted's ex girlfriend and how mad Ted got??? yeah, it totally reminded me of my FORMER best friend. And dammit, Ted was only with that girl for a year. Just dating. and Barney is his best friend...... So, I am glad I am warranted by hating my former bestie. Cuz she sucks ass and totally hurt MY feelings by going down that road. It's not about my ex, its about her hurting ME.

moving on.

My ex mother in law asked me if I have a blog. She apparently wants to start one. I DID NOT tell her the URL, but I told her I have one. I have learned my lesson with giving out the URL to every Tom, Dick and Harriet that asks. ( and by Harriet, you all know I mean PEE WEE ) GAWD, do you guys remember those days???? man. I am SO THANKFUL my ex's new girlfriend isn't psycho.... yet.

So yeah...... things here are going ok. Jesse and I are doing well aside from the occassional me getting pissed because he does nothing.... oh and the cats. Other than that we have a great relationship.

Oh did I mention that we have 2 female cats that are prego?????


kill me.


Special K said...

I know in bigger places ASACPGZMFKWOQI whatever ASCP?!? Anyway gives animals spay and neutering free if one of those cats you would like to keep.
I think I would like to ask Jess if he would like some couch time for wanting so many cats still, heh, issues anyone?
Tell him you will start spitting out kids left and right because you LOVE them and can't have too many.
Hee. Hee. Hee.
I am a diet dr pepper junkie. It is really bad. I am up to a 2 liter a day now sometimes more, shhh don't tell anyone.

divorcedandsassy said...

hehehe, If i had a couch, that could totally work! but we don't because a couch won't fit in the front door. and yes, I should have checked that before we moved here, but I didn't and now we all lay on the floor with LOTS of blankets when we want to watch a movie together. haha. Sounds fun, don't it?


I do love me some Kay... you make me smile!!!

Ladiebug said...

I love the kid idea from Kay. You should so throw that his way. Oh and what does he plan on doing with all the kittens that are coming soon? Keeping those too? Miss Pumpkin can been psycho these days. I think its bcause it's that time of year for female cats....this little one will be getting fixed this month that's for sure. I cant imagine having 10 of them running aorund like she has been.