Friday, April 4, 2008

I forgot to mention

I forgot to mention that he is paying. He never said he wasn't..... I just have a problem with him even asking to wait on CS.

Your right, I should file to have his wages garnished. And he KNOWS the first time he doesn't pay he will get served with papers.

He wanted to wait and pay me in 2 weeks. I told him that he cannot delay child support and that I needed it. He said he would figure something out.

The point of my posts was really that I am tired of hearing about HOW POOR he is. I mean really???? 6,000 a month and he needs to eff with child support??? good lord. It makes me mad that his girlfriend doesn't pay for the bills. It makes me angry that things are the way they are.

So, who thinks I should quit AE and get a different part time job with better and guaranteed hours?

*** not to get off the subject or anything ;)


Kirsten said...

If you think you can find a different/better part-time job with more guaranteed hours, than by all means you should do it! But like you said you also have to take into consideration the cost of child care. . . sorry things are hard for you right now. Know that i'm here for you and thinking about you! you are a great mom, just keep that in mind when all of this crap comes up.

Special K said...

Raises hand on your job question! :)
I think 6000 a month for anyone should not constitue money problems. I don't agree the girlfriend should help him pay his child support because honestly? Would you want to pay for your BF's kids and you being the NEW girlfriend?
Me either.
Nope. This is Allyn's problem and he needs to put CS first and foremost, the other things are gravy, compared to taking care of his kids.

divorcedandsassy said...

I agree with the fact that she shouldn't have to pay his child support. I more or less meant the rent and utils. He has to pay that on his own because he's an idiot and doesn't ask her for any money. She pays her car payment, cell phone, insurance and credit cards. Even if he paid all the house bills, he would still have more than enough leftover to pay child support. Without question.... he sucks.

Ladiebug said...

It's good that he will pay eventually but that is the sad part...he is making you wait yet again. That means he will owe you double next time around and will probably give you puppy sad eyes that he cant afford that much at once.