Friday, April 11, 2008

Medication shmedication.

Sooooooo I've been out of my cymbalta for like 3 days. My head is spinning and I feel totally disconnected from my body. It's a weird scary not so good kinda feeling. blech.

Did I tell you guys I was on cymbalta? yep. When my mom died I was put on Zoloft which stopped working all together about a year later. Then they tried me on some other meds of which I took upon myself to take my body/head off of them all together causing me to spiral downward FAST. So, they tried cymbalta and it worked. Well sort of. I have gone from having everyday be a bad day to just once in awhile. which is a good thing. for all peeps involved, ya know wha Im sayin?

So yeah, that's where I have been.

Seriously, I am just irritated with the fact that we have not had a free night to go grocery shopping in WEEKS thus causing me not to get to the store to pickup my meds. There is NO food in the house for the daytime and eating out every night is getting old. The other night I had a chicken mcnugget meal from Mcd's that literally tasted like wood. Not the good wood that beavers eat.... hard, crappy beach wood that tastes like someone vomitted it up twice. TWICE people.... it was awful.

Anyway, in other news my ex husband decided to help me out and give us a ride to Bailee's first dentist appointment this morning. He waited outside, but hey, atleast he was able to help, right? She has PERFECT teeth and ZERO cavities. Justin even got a ride in the fun up and down chair. The kids had a blast.

Im so exciting aren't I?



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Ladiebug said...

Glad to hear Bailee's appointment went great. Hopefully you got to pick up your meds this weekend!