Monday, April 14, 2008

Jobs suck my left toe.

I usually start off posts with a title and then ramble on with my shit.

But lately I have noticed that I have been adding a title, writing my post and then going back and erasing the title to more suit the post. Weird? maybe. But then again who says I'm normal?

The weekend was lazy. With a capital LAZY. We laid in bed until like 2pm and then got showered and ventured out to the store to pick up dinner or whatever we needed. Seriously it was a lazy lazy LAZY weekend. But it was nice. I spent some close time with Jesse and the kids pretty much amused themselves.... It makes me happy when they all play together nicely. That is, no one is hitting, punching or pulling on the other. L-O-V-E it.

So yeah....

On friday Jesse was told by his foreman that the jobsite he was working on was done and that he should "take a long weekend" and maybe they will find another job on Monday ( today ) that he can go to on Tuesday. He would call Jesse today to let him know where to go on Tuesday.

Here we are... 6:12pm and still haven't heard anything.

DUDE! Don't you know time is money??? He don't work, he don't get paid. SERIOUSLY. Thats a SCARY thought. We can "afford" 1 day MAYBE 2. But no more. It's scaring me. I don't want to lose any money.... It's making me a wee bit nervous that he may not work at all this week. If thats the case, unemployment will be filed. Thus meaning we will be back to being POOR.


Pray??? please. and thank you.

Oh did I mention that I quit AE like 2 weeks ago???? Not that I was working enough to make more than 20.00 a month, but still. It makes me feel like a loser that we are relying on his income and WE KNEW that he would be laid off at some point because thats the nature of the business but still. WTF????



Special K said...

EEK!! I hope something comes through and quick for both of you! I know it is not a good feeling on your side of the fence. Doing that still. Hate it.
Glad you had a nice lazy weekend. We did too!

Kirsten said...

I'm sure that everything will work out ... in the end! Hooray for lazy weekends!

Ladiebug said...

How is everything going now? I wil pray soemthing comes along asap!