Monday, May 5, 2008

3rd night

Officially, last night is the THIRD night that the cats have kept me up all night long. I don't know what the issue is, but they are effing crazy. Between a brother cat trying to fuck his brother and the little ones running and doing skydiving moves off my face, I am done with everything furry. No more cute little pink collar, no more awwww they are sleeping together and NO MORE I love how they play togethers....... They are all on my shit list and if I don't get sleep soon, I will explode.

I would have had a perfect weekend if I had any sleep. I didn't get a break. I asked Jesse nicely to call his parents to see if they would watch Justin so we could go to a movie or something and he didn't. So, alas, I remained a crazed mama for the entire weekend. Granted, 2 less crazies, but still.... I so need an adult night out. Even if its just to a movie. Is that so hard to understand?

I got an early mothers day present :)

It looks expensive, but it was on sale for Mother's Day for like half the price. I bought it for me in honor of my mom and now it occupies my left ring finger and will never leave my hand.

I should have taken a picture of it because Kay jewelrs stupid website does not have a picture of it... lol. I'll describe it....

It's 2 pear shaped saphires point to point with tiny diamonds in the band, set in white gold. It's super pretty and was only.... are you ready??? 40.00. actually 39.99..... I know, hot right? I'm sure the saphires are "lab created" but I don't care. It's pretty and I LOOOOOVE it!!!!

OH! And, I bought a new vaccuum. I have used it about 20 times since Saturday and I effing love it. I'm boring. I know.

Moving on...........

I have been getting text messages from Al's mom all weekend. She is pissed at him for one reason or another... mostly because he doesnt respond to her messages. ***** I wouldn't either if she texts him even a centimeter as much as she texts me. But hey...... it made me mad because it seems everytime I have 2 less kids, she is on the horn texting the shit out of me. I mean why do I care if he doesn't answer your texts and how much you hate his girlfriend???? And of course, I let Al know that his mom is pissed about him not returning messages and he just said "dont tell me anymore, I don't need anymore stress in my life"..... apparently I do. whatever.

Jesse has been amazing the last couple of days. Since he's working 2nd shift this week he even helped me this morning by starting laundry and the dishwasher. It was really nice having him home for the morning. I even took a nap cuddling with him which I LOVE to do.

As soon as Jesse walked out the door this afternoon, BOOM, kids are NUTSO. WTF????

So I guess this post ends with a "CALGON TAKE ME AWAY".... pretty please with sugar and chocolate syrup on top?????


Kirsten said...

wanting/needing an adult night out is not crazy. I can relate, and I only have one kiddo to deal with at any given time!

Ladiebug said...

Dude I so know how important it is for an adult night. I am not home with 3 kids all day but I am with 1 toddler and then a 10 y/o later. We actually got 2 adult nights last minute becuase we finally caved and asked grandma to take her sat and friday her firend called and asked her over for a sleepover. Then she comes home and askes what we did and get all snotty and acts like it wasnt fair that we went out wihout her. Oh well get used to it becuase we promised ourselves we WILL be doing htis for US at least one night a month here on out. It really spices up your romance and it's a must. So do not feal bad when you want it. Also guys are not good at making the calls. Call his mom yourself next time. I am sure she wouldnt mind you asking :)