Friday, May 2, 2008

Break me.

ok lots going on......

First off, I am still dieting. I have discovered that I have exercise on demand and can pick from a variety of workout shows that WORK EVERY OUNCE OF MY BODY.... today is day 2 of the exercise regimen and I am doing ok. I have a 5 day a week plan totalling about 34 minutes each day, except for Friday which is butt and legs day, that is only 20 minutes. I am, giving myself the weekend off..... I know I know... but I don't need to hurt myself. Maybe once I get accustomed to working out again I will add the weekends in, until then 5 days a week with a 1 month goal of losing 10 pounds. I have a starting weight a week into my diet and plan to go from there. I am buying a scale and some light weights this weekend and will try like a mo fo to get this job done. I am done being fat. DONE. I did it before and WILL do it again.

Next, Bailee is sick :( 101 fever, lethargic, stuffy..... the whole 9. Last 2 days she's been falling asleep on the living room floor in the middle of the day, I knew this was coming. I texted her dad last night to let him know that she was sick and he CALLED HER TO SAY HE LOVES HER AND HOPES SHE FEELS BETTER! I was SHOCKED. He did so good last night I might ALMOST say he was a good dad! ALMOST......

Thankfully I get a break this weekend. I am ready. To have little ones around me ALL THE TIME without one ounce of break, even to pee, is getting to me. The questions constantly and the fighting with each other just makes me want to bash my head against the wall. I am looking forward to just having Justin this weekend. It's just easier with one. even if its not a full break. Damn I wish I could have a FULL break. ugh.

The cat situation is not any better. Daddy whore cat is still trying to fuck his son. I have no idea why. My kitten, Lola, is pretty with her pink rhinestone collar but she is not old enough to be fucked by anyone, including her father. It pisses me off. I had a "talk" with Jesse last night and his only solution is to fix them. Well, that's all fine and great, but we cannot have 10 cats forever. I said "I guess I just don't have a say in it" and then I said "what would you do if you came home to find one cat outside"... he said "I would put you and the kids out there, too"........ he was half way kidding, but half not. The cats ALWAYS come first. and it pisses me off. It will, no doubt be the downfall of this relationship. The money situation was solved.... now this. I don't see a solution if he's not willing to give in a little. I'll be damned if we are keeping the new kittens once they arrive. NO FUCKING WAY. I am going to warn him. The ONLY reason we kept Lola was because her brothers died and I somehow feel like I should watch over her. I know that sounds weird. But its true. I could care less about the others. Oh well, fuck em.

Damn my body hurts. Today was butt and legs. My ass hurts on top of the stomach and arms from yesterday. And the arches of my feet hurt, which is weird. lol.

I guess that's really it.

Bailee and Justin are playing with Kevin's He-man figures and they are taking pictures of each other with make believe phones. Man-e-faces just told He-man to SMILEEEE!!! NICE PICTURE! hahahahahah

I love these kiddos. With all my effing heart. I would NOT trade them for the world. I just need a little break.

A small teeny tiny break.


Ladiebug said...

I hope Miss B is feeling better!
That sounds like a great exercise plan! It's good to have a couple days off. I dont exercise on the weekends either. I dont sit on my ass all weekend either though so it's all good.
I'm at a loss of words about the cats....I went insane with 3. But I did have a say. As I say this Pumpkin is giving the blanket on my couch a bath......? I guess they get weirder when Daddy jumps his daughters bones.....

The Sparkly Queen said...

Hope you get a little you-time this weekend. I also wanted to say thank you for checking out my blog and for the compliment. You are pretty cute yourself ;)

Special K said...

I hope Bailee is feeling up to snuff soon! :(
I know you need time alone. I KNOW. 4 days a week with my 2 grandkiddos and I am ready for a break. I can't imagine 24/7 but I might have to find out soon. EEK! I can do it.
I would also take all 3 of yours on any day of the week if I lived closer. They might not want to come back though, I warn you, I spoil, and I spoil hard!! BWA HA HA HA