Monday, May 12, 2008

Ramble Ramble

As promised.... My Mother's Day present... Ain't it prrrrrrrrrty?

We spent the day yesterday with Jesse's family. His mom made a great brunch for all us mommies which made it seem a little odd since she's a mommy too and shouldn't be working on Mother's Day!!! buuuut she did it, with a smile. As always. I love that family as if they were my own. I am so happy that I got to spend it with them. I noticed the smile I couldn't erase off of my face as I watched Jesse's mom read a few books to Bailee and Justin. She has such patience and such a nurturing way with the little ones. It's no wonder that Jesse and his sister turned out to be so mellow and soft spoken.

Shannon was there too. All be it she was there alone, without her ex/sometimes/current hubby, Dave. I really feel bad for them. She just wants to be her and he just can't forgive. I think it's beyond fair that he spend mother's day with the mother of his child, because they are trying to work out their marriage... but instead he chose to be elsewhere.

Shannon graduated over the weekend. She has her masters completed and starts as a speech therapist today. Oddly enough I feel more proud of her than I think her parents are. Of course with how mellow they both are, you could light the house on fire and they would be like "yeah, whatever"

Anyway, the day turned out great. My kids signed a great mother's day card for me as did Jesse. I was greeted with pancakes and bacon and LOTS of hugs and kisses... oh I can't forget the "HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!" over and over. God I love those kids. So much it hurts. Can you beat the "big squeeze" hugs you get from a 3 year old???? Or the "fish faced" kisses from a 4 year old??? Or even the constant hugs from a 9 year old who ALWAYS says he loves me. I AM the luckiest mother in the world. Times infinity.

Since we spent the day with Jesse's family we got home around 6:30. I warmed up some leftover pizza for the kids to have for dinner and got them ready for bed. They were snuggled in their beds around 8pm. Jesse and I didn't get to make dinner for ourselves, mostly because it got too late by the time we were hungry. I ended up eating some Spicy and Sweet doritos, granola bar and some strawberries for dinner. Nice Mother's Day dinner, huh? We initially bought steaks to have last night, but instead we will have them tonight. Belated Mother's Day dinner, but hey.......

Jesse is going to be on 2nd shift for awhile. Probably well into the summer. I am severely depressed at the thought. You would think it would be nice to have him home until 1:30pm, but between his naps and staying in bed while I do my chores.... I don't see him much. Its lonely..... and I don't know how much more I can take, but one things for sure...... no part time job for me. And THAT sucks.

Wow this is a lot of rambeling.......

Oh, one more thing, did I tell you that I got a Happy Mother's Day from Al's gf and NOT from Al? In fact, she bought me a tea set for Mother's day and I can't even get a text message from my ex husband.... who is SUPPOSED to be a friend. I AM the mother of your children asshole and whether you know it or not...... I deserve way the eff better than I got when I married you. so pnbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb!!!


Hope I didn't bore you too much.


Kirsten said...

Sounds like you had an awesome Mom's Day Angi -- that's so great. you deserve it!

Ladiebug said...

That sounds like the perfect day!!!
Ah well to me it would be a better day not to hear from! Maybe he thought the gift was from him too...

Special K said...

Pretty ring and an even more wonderful sounding day. I am glad you got spoiled you deserve it.