Thursday, May 15, 2008

We'll see

Conversation with my 3 year old last night, as we were laying in bed watching Family Feud:

Justin: Mommy, what time is it???
Me: It's 6:30
Justin: No it's not!
Me: Ok, then what time is it?
Justin: It's buttcrack thirty

Go ahead, laugh, you know you want to..... I'll wait......


No, ok, I'll wait some more......

Ok, you should be done now... ahemmmmmm.

So, I have one cat who's been in labor since this morning. It's kind of annoying because she must be putting out some sort of "come fuck me" vibes because the male cats are literally lining up behind her. I had to lock up miss Kitty and I keep checking on her..... no kittens yet. I suspect only 1 baby this time.... regardless we are NOT keeping him/her.


Oh and I found out this morning that J is STILL talking to "her"....... via text. And yes, its still innocent but even after me asking him to stop he STILL talks to her. It pisses me off but yet he swears up and down that he loves me and is happy with me. So why still talk to "her"? I swear Im 2 seconds from texting her from my phone and telling her what the eff is up in this house. It bugs me that she won't let it be. I KNOW girls and guys cannot be JUST friends if your significant other doesnt know this "friend". It just doesn't work. It makes me nervous because I will NOT throw away 7 years of my life again. I can't afford to lose another 7 years on something that isn't pure enough to be what I deserve..... what these kids deserve. We'll see......

Kevin and Bailee are supposed to go spend the night with their grandmother tomorrow night. I'm not quite sure of the plans yet, because it is also Al's weekend with Kevin and Bailee. That means I will get TWO whole nights of a mini break..... Jesse and I were talking about going out Saturday night, but this involves us finding somewhere for Justin to go. I don't know if that will happen..... hmph. We'll see.

As I type to you, Justin is watching Thomas the Tank Engine dancing around the living room to the songs he knows.... by heart. And yes, he is the cutest thing ever.....

Of course, Bailee and Kevin are at each others throats..... but whatever.

ha ha.... I love my life.

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