Friday, May 16, 2008

New kitten

Well as of yesterday afternoon we officially have one more kitten. ( temporarily )

As of this afternoon Panda Bear..... the last kitten we had..... has beaten up the kitten so bad that there are holes in the kittens belly that I can see organs through. They are small pin holes, but I can still see something. They are actual holes.

The kitten is bleeding and I am trying to get its mama to feed it but she is busy running from 3 male cats who have wanted to fuck her since she went into labor. I am shooing away male cats, cleaning the house, trying to keep the kitten away from Panda bear and Lola ( they see the new kitten as a mouse I think ) and trying to keep mama and new baby locked in a room that mama does NOT want to be in so she keeps carrying the kitten from the bed to the floor and back up again thus causing ANOTHER wound in the kittens neck......

I have fucking had it with cats.

I am so angry right now I could spit. I am running around like a freak today trying to make sure EVERYONE, including my CHILDREN are ok.

What the fuck do I do about these wounds the kitten has????



Ladiebug said...

Oh that poor poor kitten! Definately keep the other cats away!

Special K said...

Being a newborn I don't think there is a lot you CAN do. Of course you could take it to the vet but like I said, not much at this point. Just try to separate it from the others and keep it to it's Mama is all I can think of! Good lucK!