Monday, May 19, 2008

RIP little kitten

Sadly, the little kitten that was hurt last week passed away last night around midnight.

RIP little guy..... even though you were only with us for 4 days, you will be missed.

I feel horrible. I'm not sure why he passed away but Jesse and I seem to think that maybe he had an infection from the "playful" wounds of Panda Bear. It could be anything. We tried to save him, including Jesse staying up with him for hours on Saturday night and me feeding him pedialyte ( as suggested by a vet ) every hour last night. It's hard when a life is lost. I feel bad for mama, she keeps roaming the house looking for her baby.

I cried myself to sleep last night after Jesse boxed the little one up for burying. I can't help but feel so sad and wonder if there was anything I could have done. I tried everything..... but was there anything?

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Ladiebug said...

Poor kitty and mama. I hope all is well soon.