Friday, May 23, 2008

What is that big round ball of light in the sky???

The sun is out today. I hear the weekend is going to be in the 70's... I am ssoooosoooooosoosooooo ready!!!!

I'm not sure what we are doing yet, but I am going to take these kids on a picnic somewhere if it frickin kills me. I don't even care if we walk to the park around the corner and grill some dogs. Fo realz. It's the FIRST nice memorial day we have had in a LOOOOOONNNNNNGGGG time, so yeah, we are going to enjoy it, dammit.

I've been working out lately... well duh, you guys already knew that.... but I found this walking program that uses weights too. I LOVE it. It's walking 1 mile and using weights or "boosters" as they call it..... it works my whole body. Takes about 20 minutes to do, but I am worked the eff out by the time I am done. Lindsy, what do you think about a mile? is that a good weight loss program? I am thinking since I have been doing the mile for a week that I may try the 2 mile next week. Lindsy is the expert so I just thought I would ask.... as if Lindsy doesn't have other things to worry

Jesse has been working odd hours lately. One day he will work the night shift, then the next day he will work the day shift PLUS school until 10pm. It sucks. We have not seen each other in awhile and I am starting to get REALLY lonely... I even went on messenger last night.... I KNOW! so yeah, anyone who wants to chat with me at night... please do. Im lonely. with a capital LONE.

Did that even make sense?

You know what I love???? When my kids watch a show like Dora or Diego and they talk to the TV in spanish. Seriously, do I not have THE smartest kids ever?

Fo realz.

CRAP, the sun just went away. DAMMIT!

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Ladiebug said...

I know can ya believe it! A memorial day weekend with nice weather! What is that?
! mile is great to strat off with. If you feel swetty and tingly in the end then you know you did good. Definately kick it up a notch when you dont feel like you are getting much out of it. Slowly and gradually is the best thing you can do :) Especially when you have kids to chase around..ya dont want to be all achy!