Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sperm Donor

First off, how was everyone's long weekend?????

Yeah, mine too.

Although Bailee spiked a fever yesterday of 101 and really hasn't been herself.... it was really a good weekend. Saturday we did nothing. Sunday we went to Jesse's parents to celebrate his grandpas 83rd birthday ( HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA!!!! ) And yesterday we hung out at home because Bailee was sick. BUUUUUT, Kevin got to spend the night with his "cousin" and his "uncle" took Kevin and the "cousin" to see Indiana Jones and then they went to Friday's for dinner. He had a good time. Although he came home acting like the "cousin" which pisses me off, but whatever ;) Kevin deserves some big kid time and I am glad he got that without the two little ones nagging at him.

So I was floating around facebook today and I found my ex husbands page! Of course, his girlfriend is all over his page saying things like "i love you everywhere" and shit like that..... I just laugh, because we all know that he's been cheating on her since day 1....... Im just sitting back and waiting for her to find out. When she does..... look out. Anyway, the whole point of me telling you guys that he has a page on facebook is that he uses "time" as an excuse for everything. Awhile ago he told me "I don't have time to mess around with facebook"..... and it got me thinking. I pretty much have made up my mind that I am going to ask him to start taking the kids on Friday night again. This one night every 2 weeks shit needs to stop. Other divorced families ( like the "cousin" mentioned above ) have LOTS of time spent with their dad including all weekend, EVERY weekend and a couple of nights during the week, and his dad works construction!!! meaning every night until like 7pm from 6am..... its a hard job but he still manages to find time to be with his "baby boy" as he calls him. ( awwww ) so why can't my ex husband find the time? He plays softball once a week, goes out to bars all the time AND he goes out of town every weekend he doesn't have the kids so why not? Would it REALLY be too much to ask him to spend more time with his kids? Like when he was with PEE WEE? He can't use the "i don't have time" shit with me anymore because if that is the case.... if he can't get out of work at 6pm on a friday night/ every other weekend to see his kids..... then he NEEDS to give up one of the other things he does every other night to make up for the work time. Thats what I WOULD DO... but then again, I am a parent.... he is not..... well atleast not technically. ( just by the sperm donor thing... you know, cuz he can't be bothered with his kids, just partying like a silly college kid at 33 years old )

ok, I'm done.

Kids are nagging at me. It's really causing me to lose my concentration.

Welcome to the lurkers that came out to comment..... I SO appreciate your comments on the cats. Honestly, we now have FIVE cats who are trying to have sex with my 6 month old kitten who had her first "heat" experience. Even the kitten who is a little younger than 6 months was trying. So, since we have 3 female cats..... they are getting fixed first. Then, one at a time, so we don't have ANYMORE kittens.... we will fix the males. COME ON STIMULUS CHECK!

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