Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Ok well, Bailee's little fever on Monday turned into her tonsils swelling shut last night. Sooooo I am taking her to the doc this morning at 11am. The tylenol isn't helping her throat as she keeps complaining it "hurts real bad" and she sounds like she has a mouth full of marbles.

Tons of fun times. Let me tell ya.

Soooooooo, I'm off to get ready to go.

Wish me luck! **** I'm praying its not strep throat because that means Justin and Kevin will get it. grrrrrrrrrrr.


Ladiebug said...

Poor Bailee Boo! I'll pray it's just from the weather change!!!

Kirsten said...

Poor Bailee! Hope she gets to feeling better soon.

Ladiebug said...

How did it go? Is she doing any better?

Special K said...

I hope she is better today! Haven't heard from you today. HUG that sweetie pie for me!!
OH and I SO woke up with a sore throat today! EEEK!?!?!