Monday, June 2, 2008


Holy shit.....

So the kids were with XH this weekend. Both came home CRANKY as all hell and Kevin woke up this morning sick with a stomach bug. I'm REALLY tired of the kids coming home from there sick. I don't know what he could possibly be doing to egg the sickness on but seriously. I'm over it. I have been up since 7am cleaning up not so pleasant things and I am effing tired. It's like you go from one extreme to another. You would not believe how cranky and tired these kids are when they come home from there. Kevin is in tears he's so tired and Bailee is so touchy that she can't even function without getting snotty. I realize that it MAY be because of the adjustment from my house to their house but they are totally clingy to me and then being cranky the next minute, does that make sense?

Anyway..... enough about that.

The weekend was good. On saturday I did NOTHING. Literally. We laid in bed all day long and watched TV. I didn't even shower! I can't believe how lazy we were. Ah well, once in awhile is good.... although I jumped right up out of bed on sunday to shower. I don't EVER go a day without showering...haha.

Yesterday we went to Jesse's parents house for dinner. It was a nice visit time. His mom and I had a BUNCH of conversations about current events. It was REALLY nice to have some adult conversation. I effing love that family..... seriously.

I'm afraid that's all I have for you today. I know, boring as hell.

oh well...... maybe tomorrow? Remember when I used to have drama filled days that made for good blog reading?????

yeah I don't miss those days either.... hahahahah


Special K said...

Glad you got a break but sorry you have to pay for it when they get home! Good with the bad huh? I don't know why those kids are so funky when they get home but I would be asking, maybe it is a change in the routine? Is he feeding them at the same time? Putting them to bed? Too much sugar (not enough sugar..LOL)
I am sure it is nothing bad just "different".

Kirsten said...

no drama is so much better!