Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Former BFF tales


Apparently my former BFF is now saying that I have a crush on her and thats why I don't want to be friends with her anymore.

Yeah. And apparently her and her soon to be ex hubby have fought about the idea. He says no way and she says OH YEAH!

It's funny as hell and literally made me laugh out loud this morning.

I thought you guys would get a kick out of that.

Ugh, that girl needs to get rid of the "vain" quality and substitute that for some SMARTS. Cuz holy cow.... she's an idiot.

She took her soon to be ex back to court because she wanted more money. MORE MONEY. She is getting 400.00 PER WEEK. PER WEEK! And she had the balls to ask for more. She was denied, but still..... good lord.

Oh and I also heard that she is MISERABLE. That she is angry because she can't ever do anything because her new beau doesn't like to go out and do things. UMMMM HELLOOOOO!!!! She knew that because that was one of my biggest pet peeves when I was with him. And I hear that HE is being investigated by CPS and has not seen his kids in 6 weeks. I am sure it's just a ploy by his ex wife to try to make him pay for what he did to her, but still. What a way to live! They have no money and the stress of having his ex wife investigate HIM. man. I am SOOOO thankful my divorce wasn't that bad. THANKFUL.

Speaking of divorce.

Allyn was sick for 2 days this week too. He had the stomach flu just like Kevin. He said 2 people in his office had it too. So that's where Kevin's sickness came from. It makes me mad. Idk if it's just coincidence that the kids come home sick from there EVERY TIME.... but whatever. What can I do? nada.

So Bailee and Kevin are feeling MUCH better. Bailee is still on meds but she finishes those up next week. Other than that, not much new here.

God it seems like I had more to write.

Oh well.....

moving on..............

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Ladiebug said...

Wow she has nothign better to do so why not make stuff up? How vain is that? Maybe she needed it to make herself feel better because her current bf isnt doing much for her. Wow I cant believe she gets that much!