Monday, June 9, 2008


So the last pregnant cat gave birth to kittens last night.

SIX of them. SIX.

4 black and 2 gray.

holy fuck.

I cannot even believe it. no way would I even begin to think that she could even hold 6 kittens. Needless to say she spent almost the entire night giving birth.

Another sleepless night for Angi because of these fucking cats.

I have had it. Crazy cats who keep chasing around the not crazy cats and bouncing off of my side of the bed to the wall to the dresser and knocking down this HUGE mirror that I have resting nicely on the dresser to jumping on my nightstand to bouncing off of the wall again and again and again and again... all before 5am.

I am putting my foot down today. I feel bad because I KNOW Jesse is attached to these cats but I am done. I mean don't I have a say? Am I being horrible for forcing the issue? And what if we find great homes for these cats and they get the attention they deserve.... ( not that they don't get attention now, its just that there are so many of them that they do not get individual attention often )

What to do?

No, I know what to do. Send all the fuckers outside.

but I won't.........

so enough about that......

It's 90 degrees outside.

I have been having a hard time with the heat because of my PMS symptoms. I can't cool my insides enough... it's weird. My PMS gets worse and worse every month. Is that supposed to happen?

I feel like I am going through menopause or something. MAN

oh well.

What can I do?

I guess that's all the bitching I have for now... other than I hate my ex husband.



Ladiebug said...

Yikes! I hear ya on the bouncing....Ninja is psycho at night getting into everything and knowking everyhting over jerking me awake. Stupid 2nd chance hasnt even called me back and I have left 2 messagse in the last 4 weeks.
Cant you say there was a pregnant mom who had kittens in your backyard or soemthing and see if the spca or seond chance will take them?

Ladiebug said...

or post an ad on craigslist and say they can pick one now and pick it up in 6 weeks.