Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hey all

So idk what is going on with me.

Last night I threw up 2 days worth of food out of nowhere.

I don't feel sick. My stomach acid was just sooooooooo bad last night and that triggered me getting sick.

I was thinking about calling the doc. I am late too.... but, with my workout and the heat it's not unusual for me to be late. I am crampy and PMSing.... maybe I'm just working out the kinks of the flu I had?


I have NEVER been sick so much as since I moved here.

It's getting ridiculous.......

Oh crap, it's thundering and shit.... gotta turn off the comp.


Special K said...

Sounds like you got Bailee's tummy bug and the rest may just be crappy old hormonal shizz but I would go to the doctor if I didn't get my period before long. Could you be pregnant??

Ladiebug said...

I would have thought you were pregnant too if I saw this before the newer one.