Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Former BFF tales mixed with kid tales

How are y'all doin????

Oh lord it's been BUUUUUSY, here.

First off, Justin is sick. He has tonsilitis. He was at the doc on Monday because his tonsils were SO swollen and SO covered with white that he could barely talk. The doc took one look and said "boy its a good thing that dyptheria isn't around anymore because those tonsils look REALLY bad"..... *** this is the point where I freak the eff out.

He did a strep test and ordered a mono test and gave him a script for some cherry tasting meds and we were on our way.

By the way, I have THE strongest toddlers in the world. BOTH kids have had blood work done recently and BOTH kids didn't even flinch. Thank you very much..... tough cookies I raised!!!!!

Speaking of cookies, I am pretty convinced that Kevin is beginning to hit puberty. There are NOTICABLE sections of hair rising on parts of his body and he is starting to break out. He is NINE YEARS OLD PEOPLE. NINE. WHAT THE FUCK??? Where did my baby go??????

sad. sad. sad.

Jesse workd a 20 hour day yesterday. He worked his normal shift and then got called downtown because the power was knocked out in a bank office building that I guess was important enough to keep him there until 3:30am. He is pooped and has to go to school tonight. To take a final exam. It's his last day of school.... but still. My baby needs to sleep. hell, mommy needs to sleep.

Just sayin.

I tried to take a nap today but my lovely mini me kept coming into my room to tell me every little thing her brother was doing that may or may not have been a big deal. God love kids, but WHEN does this tattle tale phase stop?????

OH! I almost forgot.

I talked to Bob last night. Apparently my former BFF has officially lost her mind. Not only does she continually go to Bob's house and just make herself at home, but she starts fights too, in front of the kids. She went over there to pick up the kids and the middle child didn't want to go. So Bob went in the childs room and tried to talk him into going. Well, my former BFF decided that it was time to start name calling and accusations against Bob basically blaming him for being the reason the middle child didn't want to go with his mom. Bob took what he could and basically she started hitting him and yelling at him. He said, ok, your not taking the kids when your like this, go outside and calm down and once your calm you can take the kids. She didn't like that too much. She got even more pissed, called the cops, started hitting him again and left. She was supposed to meet the cops at a gas station not too far from the house so they could escort her back to Bobs and she could take the kids. She never went to the gas station. She disappeared and turned her phone off so everyone would worry. Her aunt was calling Bob looking for her. The kids that wanted to go with mom were asking "when is mom coming?" and Bob just did the best he could with the situation. The cops told Bob to press charges because Bob had marks on him from her but Bob took the high road and decided against it. Apparently my former BFF was supposed to take the kids to see the law guardian yesterday and never showed up there either. The law guardian called Bob to make sure everything was ok. What a mess....... AND, she has been not showing up to pick her youngest up from school like 3 times. Bob has gotten calls at work that she never showed and that he needs to pick up their son. Can you imagine???? How awful those kids must feel. How horrible. She will NEVER be a friend of mine again. Ugh. How horrible can you be to your own children?

Anyway..... I think that's it. I THINK.



Special K said...

My God your ex BFF is a piece of work! She does not deserve those kids and those kids definitely do not deserve a Mama like that!

Your kids are indeed toughies! Sound like military material! HA HA HA Go read my blog today (sigh)

Ladiebug said...

Eak what a way to show you are responsible mom! I cant believe he didnt press charges.

Yikes poor Justin! What a trooper!

Wow Kevin becoming a man so early! Kaila started the moodieness this year..ugh! Tomorrow she has the sex class at school! I had the talk with her last summer but then we sat together this past weekend and refreshed everything. She was so grossed! Our kiddos are growing up!