Tuesday, June 24, 2008

baby mama drama

Oh lordy....

So let me just start out by saying that my XH just texted me to tell me that he was at a strip club and about to get a "tug job" for 20.00 from one of the strippers.

no I am not kidding.

I am assuming he was drunk. I am assuming this because WHY would he want to tell me this???

Oy vay, he REALLY wasn't this much of a sleeze when I was with him, I frickin swear on my life. He told me the other day that he cheats on Em because he is bored. He told me that he thinks thats one of the major reasons why our relationship failed... because he didn't cheat for so long and was bored.

One man who was NEVER meant to be in a relationship is him..... holy shit he's a fuck wad.


Ok, so I went out and got my groove on with some friends on Saturday night. Turns out that Bob, my former BFF's soon to be ex was there. He and I had a drink or two.... he's a friend and I saw nothing wrong with it.... until I turned around and saw my former BFF and my X fiance in the same effing club I was in.

no joke.

Lisa stood there and stared at me pointing and laughing.

I also heard that she told Bob that if he has sex with me that he better wrap "IT" three times. THREE TIMES because apparently I am more of a whore than she is.... wow. I was pissed. She also says I have a crush on her and that I am jealous of her because she is SO MUCH better looking than me.

Hello, 1994 called and they want their attitude back... because OBVIOUSLY a 12 year old was rebourn in my former BFF's body.

I didn't leave the club. They did....... after I danced with bob and he and I laughed about how coincidental it was that they were there when they KNOW that's where Bob hangs out.... ( I did not know this information, thus running into him )

I can only imagine what she's thinking.

So..... I gotta go eat dinner...... but I will be back.... talk amongst yourselves.


Special K said...

Maybe it is an ego thing and he thinks somehow, in his warped brain he is impressing you? Ugh. I don't know but you win the prize you pro-created with him! LOL Thank God that turned out ok.
I could just kick your ex BFF's ass. What a bitch. Turn the tables anyone?

Ladiebug said...

Eww to Al! Oh my goodness you are way better looking than her. Not that you would but you'd be better off if he did wrap it thrice becuase he was with HER!

Lori said...

Al is a sleaze. Lisa is a sleaze. You are not a sleaze, and that makes sleazes mad. Serious issues there, but you are awesome just the way you are, and better off without them.

I never liked Lisa, I thought she was a bitch to you even when y'all were "friends." And of course, you know I never liked Al. What a waste of skin, both of them. Send them to Mars. The only good things Al has ever done are make those two great kids...and thank GOD they have Jesse as their real daddy. He's the one they'll grow up considering their dad, not Al...what a blessing.