Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Why is it that even tho I keep hitting the remember me button on blogger that it NEVER remembers my login info???

I mean really? Do I NEED to type it in EVERY SINGLE TIME?

Oy vay.

I am in a serious mood the last couple of days and PMS sucks ass.

There you have it, my life in one sentence.


As I get older ( ahemmm, I will be THIRTY TWO in 15 days ) my PMS takes a whole new shitty meaning. The cramps get worse, the moods get WAY worse and I just want to sleep for the whole 5-7 days it goes on. Seriously.... no one begs for the bleeding like I do. Because once the bleeding starts the symptoms start to sloooooooow down. Idk what the hell is wrong with me, if anything, but damn it....... Last night I ate 5 chicken fingers and a candy bar! for the first time in EIGHT weeks. And I have NO energy to work out today..... I will, but jeeze.

Other than that, things here are ok. The kids were with Al last weekend which gave me a mini break. We basically did nothing because we had no money. A bunch of bills are due this time of the month so we had to pay bills instead of have fun which kinda pisses me off. But hey, atleast we have cable! haha.

The kids went to Ithaca to visit with Allyn's family. His dad and step mom live down there in this fabulous house with a 5 car garage and tons o toys... 4 wheelers and tractors and go carts. Honestly I was jealous. I miss that house. I hate that his father hates me now because of all that Pee wee shit. I would love to visit down there and I really wish that they knew the effing truth about things. But whatever..... I mean, his father said to me when Al and I got married, "it's about time I got you!" and he hugged me ever so tightly. I will never forget that. But apparently, that's not enough..... divorce sucks. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Why can't people just be friendly like Al and I are? of course no one knows we are friendly but me, Jesse, Emily and the kids...... I am sure he says not nice things about me to his father..... like blaming me for him needing money or some shit.

wait, I got off topic.

I miss that house in Ithaca and I miss having a place to get away. I miss his father and his step mom and even his sister and bro in law. His sister had a baby who is now like 2 and that was truly my only hope of being an aunt. God that pisses me off.

The kids came home WAY over tired. I mean to the point of Bailee screaming for 20 minutes because she wanted her sleeping bag from her fathers house. And then she woke up Monday morning sounding funny..... her tonsils are swollen and her right gland is swollen. Yeah. sick AGAIN from his "care".... dammit! What the fuck!

You know something.......

I have absolutely nothing positive to say. haha..... I am one cranky bi-otch.

Wait til Allyn hears that K wants to go to Darien Lake with his cousin instead of his house for the weekend of the 13th.



Lori said...
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Lori said...

I meant that last comment as a reply to your comment on my blog. Lol. How funny that we're having Curse symptoms at the same time. Last week, my boobs hurt so much I wanted to remove them altogether. I was pretty sure it would hurt less.

It's so unfair that Pee Wee ruined your relationship with Al's dad. I wish you lived closer, you could get away at my lakehouse anytime you wanted. Talk Jesse into moving here. No snow (well, almost no snow)! Warm almost all the time! Rained yesterday for the first time in weeks! Or hell, just leave Jesse and come live with me. We'll drink margaritas and hang out in the hot tub and shoot the bird at men in general.

The J-Man called a few minutes ago and damn, he has an attitude. Can you believe he got all offended because I wouldn't tell him how much I weigh? I mean, for real? Wtf? He said, "I told you how much I weigh!" and I said, "Well, I'm a girl! I don't reveal that shit!"


Ladiebug said...

Ugh I hate that guy for what he did to you and the kids and he doesnt even deserve to be the scum behind a toilet on this earth!