Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I must ask you all a question.

If you constantly bitch about money and ALWAYS complain that you have to work SO MUCH in order to pay things like CHILD SUPPORT and of course your alcohol habit......


Yes, that's right, I said moped. He fucking bought a moped. Not a motorcycle. Actually he told me he was buying a motorcycle..... um, no. It's more like a bicycle with wheels moped. One that probably sounds like a lawn mower, and goes about as fast.

FOR WHAT? WHAT DO YOU NEED THAT FOR? It won't drive the 45 minutes you drive everymorning on the thruway to work...... hell, it won't last that long because it SCREAMS 1976....... I mean what the fuck are you thinking?

Well atleast I can be comforted to know it probably cost like 200.00..... a mere fraction of his weekly paycheck.


I am frustrated. I know that he is scum. I know that he doesn't deserve these kids, but that doesn't mean the shit he does doesn't piss me off. ( although I was cleaning the bathroom yesterday and found some "scum" that looked JUST LIKE HIM..... I swear, and oddly enough it was behind the toilet.... should have been IN the toilet. ahemmmmmmmmm.

I am really sick of him acting like a fucking child when I GET ALL THE RESPONSIBILITY of being the adult in this parenting "partnership". He goes out every night, drinks every night and does things like camping with friends and going to the farm.


I can't even remember the last time I was kid free for long enough to do ANYTHING! I don't even get to pee by myself. ****which reminds me I need to fix that door handle so it locks.


Can someone please tell me the logic?

I am TIRED. It's been a long 4 ( almost 5 ) years. ( actually, on 7/31 it will be FIVE YEARS since he left me ) ah yes, what a memory. Funny how I remember that date, but have to look at the divorce papers for that date. ugh.

I want a fucking break.

I have more gray hair than I care to admit and its because I don't ever get a break. Seriously, the other day, the cat threw up on the rug and it sat there for 2 days because Jesse said he would clean it up. I let it sit there because a) it was on his side of the bed and b) when he says he will clean shit up, he NEVER does it. Just like the plant dirt that got spilled all over the stairs leading outside ( in our hallway leading to the front door ) that sat there overnight that HIS cats knocked over and again, he said he would clean it up and NEVER DID.


im tired.

im considering taking about 5 sleeping pills just so I can get some uninterrupted sleep.

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Lori said...


You're making me glad I am alone and childless. Doesn't that make you feel at least a little good? lol

Love ya girl.