Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I almost forgot.

Yesterday afternoon I get a text from Al's mom, after I texted her asking her how she's doing.

It said:

"How are you doing, haven't heard from you in awhile"

I reply:

"I am ok, just been busy. How have you been?"

She says:

"I was ok until last night when I got sick. As I told Al last night, I am moving"

I say:

"I am sorry to hear your sick, when and where are you moving?"

She says:

"I am not telling anyone the details because it is a big change, just don't worry"

I say:

"ok? Why not say where your moving?"

She says:

"don't worry, I really am fine"

I'm aggravated at this point because I think she is making drama for all of us, or atleast trying to.

So I text Al and ask if he has heard WHERE she is moving. He said he hasn't heard yet.

So I am like ok, she is trying to make people worry. Why be so secretive? And we all know her decision making process isn't the best. So why wouldn't we worry?

So she texts me later on in the evening.

She says:

Has Allyn contacted you?

I say:

Yes, I texted him earlier today and we chatted for a minute. Why do you ask?

She says:

Did he say he was worried about me?

Im thinking at this point that she is trying to make him worry. It reminds me A LOT of the shit my mother used to pull. I start getting annoyed, probably because of the situation with my mother and how things ended.

I say:

We don't talk about you.

She says:

I just wondered if he was worried about me.

I say:

He always plays tough guy with me anyway so even if he was worried, I would never know.

She says:

I thought he would open up to you. I have to go now, but will catch up with you later.

I end the convo because I am angry that she is trying to make people worry about her.

DRAMA+PMS=not happy Angi.

the. end.


Ladiebug said...

UGh his mom is such a PITA! She probably found out he went to his dads and now needs attention.

Kirsten said...

You shouldn't play into her pity party, which is what it sounds like is all she's doing!

Lori said...

ugh. Just...ugh.

I'm sorry. Want me to smack her for you?