Friday, July 11, 2008

McGu!re, out.

So, XMIL is still in wellsville...... I told Allyn about it. He suggested that I ask her if it's ok to ask her sister to help find storage and an apartment ( because she lives in Wellsville ) and she said NO. So I texted Allyn, let him know and he said "I guess there is nothing I can do"..... So later, she texts me and asks if I will have "time" to chat with her around 8:30 via text. I say, sure...... she texts me at 8:30, just as I am getting the kids out of the tub...... asks if I am available. I don't respond in the first 5 minutes and she says....... I guess your busy. I will just pray for my situation.


So I am officially washing my hands of it at this point.

Moving on........

Good news:

I am officially an intern for The Buffalo News ( taking pictures at Buffalo Events :) I am super excited. I went and met with them yesterday and the program sounds really fun and it won't cost me any money..... they pay for entrance and I get credentials if I need it. Cool, right????

So the other day Kevin asked me if my former BFF's son could come spend the night. I figure I will ask Bob because he has the kids A LOT and I am pretty good friends with him. We work it out and he tells me that he has to make sure that he has the kids on that day. So yesterday he texts me and asks if Kevin still wants the boy to spend the night. I say yep, and I call him. He tells me that my XBFF said that its ok for the boy to spend the night BUT *I* am not allowed to say anything bad about her or my ex fiance. I pass that off because there is no way I would ever do that in front of MY kids let alone hers.... ya know???? Then he says that the kids are with her and she would have to drive the boy here but she does not want to SEE or TALK to me. Ok, that's where I draw the line. I told Bob that there is NO WAY I would put the boy through that tension. I told him that I would just wait until Bob has the kids and we would pick a day when he could come over.

What is she thinking? Why can't she just be an adult?????

But whatever...... since I AM THE ONE who told her that I don't want to be friends with her anymore I guess SHE IS calling the shots when it comes to our children playing together.

Hate is a strong word, but she is scraping the hate barrel right about now. I wish she had the URL for this website because maybe then she could read about how her children are not coming first and she is being a jealous self centered BITCH!

teehee.... i feel better.

So this weekend I am covering the Taste of Buffalo for and we are having a birthday party for moi tomorrow at J's parents house. Should be a fun weekend..... Kevin is going to Darien Lake on Sunday with Chase and Shannon......... should be a buuuuuuuusy weekend!

So have a great weekend everyone..... and Lindsy, ENJOY YOUR VACATION!


Kirsten said...

so exciting about your internship. i'm insanely jealous! Gonna be lots of fun.

And, Happy Birthday!

Ladiebug said...

Wow your ex mil is insaine!!!
Congrtas on the internship! That sounds like it's going to be fun! Wow can we say grow up? She doesnt want you saying anything mean about her around him but she can act like that when she drops him off? How mature!
Dontcha worry I am going to put my legs up and relax! That's my kind of!
Have a happy birthday!!!

Special K said...

As mean as it sounds you did good not answering her text and no one needs to bail her out this time. I know it's cruel but her behavior has always been "rewarded" by being fixed for her by getting in her own messes.
Is she mentally ill? Because it sounds like she has some kind of disorder, which makes you feel sorry for her.
I thought you were close to J's parents too, his Mom sounds cool, I would hang with her instead LOL

Special K said...

Oh and congrats on the internship! I wish I could find something to do with my love of photography that would fulfill me like that but better yet MAKE ME MONEY! LOL
I am jealous! ;)