Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oh yeah, it gets better.

So here I am, lil ole me, hangin out with my kiddos........ when I get EIGHT text messages from my XMIL....


She is almost out of money. Has a Uhaul truck that she has had for a week, maybe more.... has nowhere to live..... and has been sick on top of everything.

And guess what.... she cannot get ahold of her son. Are you surprised? Funny, because I can get ahold of him just fine..... he just doesn't want to respond to his mom.

So here I am, lil ole me, hangin out with my kiddos--- scratch that, worrying about my XMIL.


So here's the story.

She told her landlords MONTHS ago that she was moving.

She decided MONTHS ago, because "god" told her, that she needed to move to Wellsville.

All is ok, right???? I mean, she has money from her parents inheritance that she has, PLUS she gets SSDI and SSI..... I mean, she SHOULD have PLENTY of money.

no, wrong.

She NEVER ONCE looked for an apartment in wellsville. Instead, seeing as she has been EVICTED from about 10 apartments in the last 10 years and her credit SUCKS ASS WORSE THAN MINE that she would try to buy a house. A HOUSE!!!!!

Yeah, so here she is, she HAS to get out of her apartment that she has lived in for the last year. She hires movers, and a uhaul truck and takes off for wellsville EVEN THOUGH she has NOWHERE to go.

The house deal "fell through"...... DUH!!!!

She has a Uhaul truck with her things in it, at 39.95 per day...... is all of a sudden OUT OF MONEY as she claims that someone MUST have taken it out of her account without her knowing *** again.......


So she is living in the Uhaul truck. Is almost out of money. And is asking ME to contact Allyn for her.


I am pissed off to say the least. This is bullshit.

HOW MANY TIMES does this have to happen???? HOW MANY STUPID decisions does she have to make before ALL of her family ( including Allyn ) won't talk to her anymore????

SHE doesn't want to upset Allyn with this but SHE wants ME to call him for her??? why so I CAN UPSET HIM FOR HER????


I am too fucking old and WAYYYY divorced from this situation to deal with this.

As of the end of the month it will be FIVE years since he left me. FIVE YEARS.... why am I still dealing with this shit?

guilt.... that's why. Because my mother is no longer here and she is the only maternal figure I have.

Crazy and all......

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Shamelessly Sassy said...

I hope everything works out. Good luck!