Friday, August 29, 2008


So last night I decided to bring up getting rid of the cats.

Since I have had A LOT of "talks" with Jesse lately I figured since he promised me we would get rid of the cats..... it's about time for another talk.

The convo:

me: Shannon has a friend who has a farm and she's willing to take all the cats so they can be together.

Jesse: WHICH CATS????

Me: all of them except Jax and Marly, oh and lola and her kittens. But they can go once they are all old enough.


Me: They are cats, they will adapt. And they will get to live together.

Jesse: silence.

Me: getting angry.

He doesn't plan on getting rid of any cat.

Here's the thing.

The cats piss on MY SIDE of the bed atleast 3-4 times a week. Thus causing me to wash all my bedding 3-4 times a week....... causing us to go through a bottle of laundry soap once a week.

The cats piss on the carpet in ATLEAST 4-5 different spots EVERYDAY.

The cats shit in various spots..... mostly its kitten shit that I find but today, it was adult shit.

The food bill for 21 cats???? A medium sized bag of cat food.... at 13.99 a bag, EVERY 3 DAYS!!!!

The litter bill???? 1 28 pound bucket of litter every 3 days ( sometimes less ) those are around 11.00 a bucket.

So yet again, the cats are out of food, the litter boxes haven't been done in 2 days cuz we are out of litter. We need just about EVERY grocery there is. I have school supplies to get.

I am fucking stressed out.

There's isn't enough money to support these cats. I want them out. I will find a way to get rid of them today.

Edited to add.....

We are not allowed to have posters on the walls in the kids' rooms. Because of the cats. We are not allowed to have curtains hanging or to buy new blinds. Because of the cats. The carpet in this apartment is TORN UP and will have to be replaced when we move. Because of the cats. We lost a cable box because the cats pissed on it. The kids toys are all in sealed bins because the cats have pissed inside their bins MORE THAN ONCE. I can't keep ANYTHING out that is related to food.... like if I bake brownies or take something out for dinner to thaw.... because of the cats. My 100 year old snake charmers basket from my great grandfather is ruined. because of the cats. Justin has a thomas the tank backpack full of trains that he carries around with him that the cats have pissed in NUMEROUS times. He got a new wooden train from the Elmwood Art Festival and as soon as he brought it home the cats pissed on it. Kitty has attacked Justins face and Kevins legs ( and my legs for that matter ) to the point of tears on all 3 of us. I have to take Bailee's bedding off her bed everyday because the cats sleep up there and they all have fleas and leave flea poop and blood spots all over causing me to vaccuum her bed every night before she gets into it.... and wash her sheets everyday. Now, Kevins bed has to be vaccuumed every night and his sheets have to be washed everyday because of the flew poop and eggs. My landlords are claiming that they have fleas now..... they don't have animals. Bailee is going to have to start sleeping in Kevin and Justins room because her room doesn't have a door ( the landlords are fixing it ) and the disgusting flea spots I found on her PILLOW today mean that will be a permanent situation. I don't have a lot of cupboard space so I was storing things like chips and cereal on top of the fridge..... until the other day I was cleaning and found a puddle of cat piss on top of the fridge.

The list goes on.

WHY doesn't he see a problem????



Kirsten said...

You've got to get rid of the cats Angi ... for the sake of your sanity, and health. I'm actually surprised your landlord hasn't turned you in for having more than the legal number of animals. Screw Jessee on this. Either find a home for the cats, or take them to a shelter or the ASPCA.

Ladiebug said...

Shit Angie get rid of the cats or you will lose your kids. Seriously if the wrong person gets wind of this someone will turn you in. if theys ee the ids living in this they will send social services in! They wont sit around and wait for you to do soemthing...they will take the kids and then want to see the place before they will allow them to come back.
Shit I wouldhave given your friend all the cats so youc an get rid of the fleas....the fleas wont leave till there are no cats.