Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wayyyyy too much school going on here.

Wow, it's been forever.


Everyone started school. Including me..... and hi, my name is divorcedandsassy and I am a college student at 32... ahemmmm, yes I said that out loud.

Wow, I am taking 12 credit hours of classes. That averages out to like 4 classes. 3 are online and keeping me busy as hell and 1 I actually have to go to. Lucky for me, all of my classes this round are computer centered. That means I get to play with programs and shit. Mostly new stuff. Kinda hot, right?

So the one class I have to go to is every wednesday night. I am the second YOUNGEST one in the class. I LOVE that. And, the professor is Jesse's nephews computer teacher. ( small world, I know ) so her and I are like "this".

I am doing well in all my classes. My grades range from a 95 to 100 on homework and tests. I am doing well and not getting too stressed out. So, it is goooooooooooood.

Bailee starts school tomorrow. **sniff sniff.......

I can't believe it. I mean, it's only PreK, but still. I can't believe how much she's growing up!!!! I will post pictures tomorrow...... *** I am getting teary eyed already!

Kevin started FOURTH grade last week. He's another one that's just growing TOO FAST! FOURTH GRADE!!! wow. I don't even know where the time went. He's so smart and getting so big. I don't even know what to do.

I posted a ton of pics from the first day of Kevin's school on my myspace site. Take a looksie.

Anywhooooo, Jesse started school too. AND he's working 2nd shift so we are back to never seeing each other. I'm lonely on days like this. It's cold and time for snuggling.

booooooooo for being lonely.

Oh, and Bailee is in dance class. She has her second class on Saturday. I will be taking pictures of that too. She didn't have her clothes for class so I didn't take pics on her first day. But after MUCH shopping around for the best prices, we got her a leotard and tights. Her shoes are next.... but still. SO EFFING CUTE!!!

I guess that is all. I am off to do more homework.

peace out.


Special K said...

qfteBailee in a leotard might just do me in, in the cuteness department! :D

Glad you are doing something! Go YOU! I am so proud of you!

Special K said...

that qfte is the beginning of the word verification, how it got in the first of that sentence and still published? Freaky deaky!

Ladiebug said...

Aw Baliee dancing! I cant wait to see her in her outfit!
Yeah just wait after Kaila was done with 3rd it seemed like 4th and 5th went by so fast. She went through so many changes...I wish she was back in 3rd again. Homework was easy back then.
Wow back in school already! I dont start till the 17th but I am happy that mine are all online. When my math classes come around I will be going in though because there is no way I will do well being taught online.
Congrats on your grades! Those are awesome!