Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I just want everyone to know that it was a very wet walk to Bailee's school this morning. I debated on keeping her home and probably should have since I only have 2 umbrellas and 3 people walking..... but hey, she is working on perfect attendance dammit!


Im SOOOOO cold and wet. I have to go back in an hour. This time WITH justin. Should be fun.


Are y'all tired of me talking about my issues with J? I know my longtime friends HAVE to be. Today, I just have 1 complaint..... give me some help around the house please. and thank you.

Other than that, J and I are doing well. The kids are doing well with J, which is most important to me. Maybe it's my attitude that creates issues within J which makes him crabby for everyone???? hmmmmm. revelation! So yeah, I am no longer being a giant bitch and trying REALLY hard to make this work.

I have only talked to B occassionally. I am trying to phase him out with hopes that he won't go crazy on my ass. He seems REALLY into me, which is not good. I made a mistake. A big one. Now I need to concentrate on my family. That's number one and should have been all along. I can be happy with J as long as things stay even. ya know?

Plus I know he's a "life-r" and wouldn't leave me or the kids. That is SO important to me.

Anywho..... I don't update as much as I should because honestly I am busy as fuck ALL THE DAMN TIME. Between walking Bailee to and from school and cleaning up after these effing cats ---- know anyone who wants a kitten? I have 4 that are ready.... if they don't go soon they are going to a farm. Along with Ozzy who is a giant pain in my ass.... let me know--- and of course then there's homework. OMG the homework! I'm doing ok tho.......... JUST BUSY!

So lemme know whats going on with all of you.

hit me with some comments - yo.


Kirsten said...

I've told you all along, you have to do what's going to make you happy, and if staying and being with Jesse makes you happy, then do it. ANd I'm a firm believer in the fact that a positive attitude makes everything in life a lot easier.

Ladiebug said...

Hey if being with Jesse makes you happy then you might as well do it. We all get in funks once in awhile. Just remember it takes 2 to make a relationship. Oh yeah and my pastor told us in our marriage class before we got married, "Sex is very important!" LOL!

Oh man i didnt know you had more kittens! Ah well it doesnt matter evn if you had I didnt want to replace Ninja so fast but when Dave found out this one was free he was all over it.

Ladiebug said...

Hey you need to post more often! I am running out of distractions from doing my school!