Monday, September 29, 2008


I know you all are dying to know.....


B and I would never work. There have been some new developments that I just don't see working out. I am working on things with Jesse and have been for a couple weeks and am actually starting to feel a connection with him again. I am REALLY trying.

I know, your all tired of hearing that, aren't you?

He has his bad points and I believe that the last few talks I had with him worked those out in his head that he WILL lose me if it continues. I had never been so serious before the most recent talks. I was ready to leave. He knows it. End of story.

In other news........


I am doing ok in school except for Business English. I will be lucky if I pull a C in that class. MAYBE a low B. Everything else is straight A's..... as it should be considering its all computer classes...haha.

I am having a heck of a time with my oldest son. K has attitude and REALLY is emotional and whiny lately. I had a long talk with J's sister last night and it seems that her son is going through the same thing. They are the same age. So I am REALLY hoping its a phase. ****** BEGGING.

Other than that not too much going on. I am busy as fuck and J is FINALLY off second shift. THANK GOD. Sooooooo he will be home soon.

Guess I should go clean up.

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Special K said...

I am happy that you found out B wouldn't work out before you did anything drastic! I am also glad you are giving J another chance, he is so lucky, not many get that! HUGS to you and I wish you the best with every thing!