Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Excuse me, is that a kitten in your pocket?

As I sit here writing to you fine people..... I have a kitten in my pocket. Why you ask? Well because mama gave birth last night and refuses to pay attention to the newborn and instead wants to carry around kittens who are almost 14 weeks old. WTF?

Yeah, we have a new kitten. No we are not keeping it. In fact, I almost have J convinced that 2 cats are just fine. The newest litter has 2 in it, but the 2nd kitten was born with its intestines and stomach outside of its body. It was born dead. Ick. Kevin was lucky enough to witness it. and yeah, it was gross. Especially when kitty ate the intestine and stomach. ** sorry were you eating?

Ok, enough about that.

In other news..... I got my school check last week. I paid a bunch of bills ( some were even surprises!!! it appears J has not paid things for a very long time..... so I, of course, had to bail him out.... AGAIN. ) I bought a BUNCH of groceries. 220.00 worth, to be exact. OMG..... what a mess. AGAIN. So I have child support coming this week and all but 260.00 of it is going for bills. AGAIN. Because apparently Jesse just doesn't get that he needs to talk to me about things..... or maybe he does now because I have paid everything, twice.... who knows. All I know is I don't make that much money..... and I have to buy and pay for things for the kids at school PLUS 80% of the bills and I just don't get it. This is the one thing that could break us. 5 years of the same shit! What's a girl to do? Just keep taking care of it???? yes. That's exactly what I will do.


Allyn took Kevin to taekwondo on Saturday. He signed Kevin up for the 140.00 a month program to get his black belt..... WTF??? So I told him, I can't afford that. I already crunched numbers and I just cannot do it. He said, well can you pay some of it? I said, yeah. Then he said, can you pay 40.00 of it? I said, yeah. So I guess that's what I will be doing..... he better fucking pay it. I swear to god. I am done dealing with phone calls about Jesse not paying his god damned bills or bouncing checks...... I swear I will freak if I have to do that for Al too.

Did I tell you that Jesse bounced a check to Bailee's dance studio for a fucking fund raiser???? oh yeah, I got that call last week. I had to pay an extra 15.00 on an 18.00 check.... super fun. lemme tell ya.... and way fucking embarassing too.

So how y'all doin?????

I'm done talking about money.

fuck it. I will just take care of it like I always fucking do.... and when J is making 21.00 an hour in June I will fucking freak on him and MAKE him pay ALL THE FUCKING BILLS......because seriously, he makes enough now, why would I still have to pay the bills on 775.00 a month???? Fuckers.


I am still doing ok in school. I pulled a B+ on my Business English class which I thought I would pull a C in. That means I am still in good economic standing and will be able to keep my financial aid... YAYYYYYY! I'm ready for next semester to start tho. I think I am going to keep all my classes online this time around...... I mean, it's fun going to school, but it's a lot of moving things around just so I can leave for an hour and a half. Ya know?


Al's taking the kids again this weekend because last weekend was a makeup weekend because he was sick and had tickets to the football game so I kept the kids home instead of A) exposing them to get sick and B) trying to explain to them why they had to come home early so their father could go to the football game..... yeah, father of the year called, they want their award back.


But, atleast he took B to the doc a couple weeks ago for me and he took Kevin to tae kwon doe on saturday because I was at dance class with B. Always look at the positive, right????
I guess I should do some homework. I have class tonight. Booooooooooooo!
Oh and I have to go get B soon........

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