Friday, October 31, 2008

Bad news/good news

First off, some pictures. Bailee had a field trip to the pizzeria down the street from her school. She had a blast. She got to eat pizza, watch cartoons and get her hands dirty. She was a happy lil gal..... fo realz. Check out the pics that another mom took.........

Bailee and her partner for the trip. Elizabeth. Or in Bailee's language "ewizabef"

Awwwwwwwwww, so cute.

I could not have taken a better picture myself. She is just so gorgeous! LOVE IT!

In other news......
Jesse fucked up the money AGAIN. 4th week in a row. This means we are scraping the bottom of the barrel for food.... AGAIN. I am so angry. Because this could have been avoided. He doesn't tell me things and I think everything is honkey dory ( because it was when he didn't have direct deposit before this mess ) It makes me so mad. So this week I told him he BETTER find a way to get us groceries WITHOUT involving me...... then he drops a bomb on me. He needs to pay the last payment for rent.
See, we have been paying rent every week. He arranged that with our landlords the last week of September. So, technically, since this week is a 5 week month, we should be free and clear this week. But no.... he lied to me AGAIN. He said "the payment plan didn't start until the second week of October.... BULLSHIT. I know for a fact it started the first week of October. That means when I asked you if you were paying rent for the last 4 weeks YOU LIED TO ME AGAIN YOU FUCKER. AHHHHHH.
What the fuck am I supposed to do? Do I need to leave? If I wasn't so effing embarassed I would post pics of my fridge, which is empty except for milk and juice and a 2 liter of diet pop. He says he will have the problem fixed by tonight. We'll see.
I'm so tired of this guys. TIRED. There is no reason we can't survive on what he makes. Let alone when I get child support. WHY am I paying everything with my child support? WHERE is his money going?
He wrote a BUNCH of checks for the kids stuff ( pictures, tae kwon doe, Bailee's dance ) and bounced them causing an overdraft and then did the same thing with a check for the phone bill, which bounced and was taken out of his check this week leaving us with 72.00 for food. *** granted not nearly as bad as previous weeks when we had ZERO dollars left.... but we are out of EVERYTHING. And we bargain shop, buy bare min, and coupon clip. Believe me. Fuck. I am worried. Because he has to pay rent too. The landlord called last night looking for the payment. He told them he would have it today after work. Oh really??? are you going to pull it out of your ass???
I feel HORRIBLE, because I HAD NO IDEA.
Bailee has strep. For the FIRST TIME EVER Allyn took her to doc for me. I had 2 tests to makeup on Tuesday night and a midterm and review on Wednesday night so there was NO WAY I could take her. So Allyn took her. Both he and his gf have strep now..... UGH! I had hoped B would feel better by tonight, I am still praying. I want her to be able to trick or treat tonight.
Kevin is better tho! ...... Justin is complaining his ear hurts.
I am so effing stressed out right now.
The good news is that I pulled a B+ grade in Business English, even tho I got a 66 on the midterm exam and I got an A in my Information Management class. The other 2 classes I don't know yet.....
Oh and the other good news??? On Monday, because it was sent out today, I am getting a 1500.00 check from school. It's my leftover grant money. THANK GOD. On Monday, I am going to pay for the insurance for 1 year. Buy out the entire grocery store and kick Jesse in the ass.


Special K said...

Girl I am SO sorry he keeps doing this. Should you leave? Well I am not going to say but how much more is he going to lie? How many more times is he going to pick cats over family? These little things add up and not providing for your family is a big one. Where IS his money going? I know you make in the $700 range and if that can pay bills where is his? I don't know how you do it woman but you are made of stronger stuff than I!
I hope baby girl is feeling 100% better now and you guys have fun trick or treating! ((HUGS))

Ladiebug said...

Man that suxs! I really wish he would just let you take over paying stuff for a couple months just so he can see how much money you guys will have.