Monday, October 27, 2008

Picture time!!!

After a long day....... of hats. lol.

Jesse looking pretty content. You know, when J got dressed yesterday in this shirt, Bailee asked "did you get that from American Eagle?" ..... she knows the eagle emblem. ***sniff sniff... I'm so proud

Bailee had a hat too. lol.

I know, he's handsome..... Look at the view outside that window behind him.... I could stare at that all day.
I can try, can't I???? Atleast Justin is looking at me and smiling. SIGH.

GO SABRES! ( I had to take this jersey back that I bought for Jesse for his birthday.... LONG story. )

Meet Paco. He likes his big hat and was dancing around singing "chickachicka boom boom" while wearing it.
Bailee's Prek picture. Isn't she beautiful???? I love her eyes in this picture. I am such a proud mama.

The piece d'resistannnce.... Kevin. And no he's not 14. OMG, WHEN did he grow up so much???? Wow... how handsome is he? I mean really. Talk about mama going to have to beat the girls off of him with a stick........a big stick ;)


Special K said...

Your kids are adorable as always! It's ok for Kev to be a little hottie already just be sure and teach him how to say no thank you politely! HEE! :)

Kirsten said...

such beautiful kiddos!

Ladiebug said...

The kiddos are looking great!