Thursday, October 16, 2008

Memory Lane.... a pictorial.

So in the spirit of my buds...... here's my list of things I remember from childhood. And believe me, I could keep going. Wow the memories.

Oh yeah, you know you all had one.... a hair crimper. Ah yes the memories.


Both the cartoon AND the dolls. I had all the dolls..... and watched the cartoon when I could go to my aunts to watch

Barbie and the Rockers. Oh yeah..... they each came with their own cassette tape and they all totally rocked out to it. Well, atleast in my barbie world they did ;)

My very first cassette tape. Janet Jackson, Control. Oh yes, I was NASTAYYYY!

Crystal Castle from She-Ra. This was THE BEST Xmas gift I ever got. My mom had just had surgery and my dad went out with my aunt and went Xmas shopping for me. He picked this as one of my gifts and I LOVED IT.
Hugga Bunch. OMG, I wanted one of these SOOOOO bad, and I never got one :( I have thought about buying one "for Bailee" from
Catra. My favorite She-Ra doll. Also my first she-ra doll. She was hot, and she got to sleep in the queen bed from crystal castle ;)

Please tell me you remember Faygo pop. It tasted like ass but I totally drank it every chance my parents gave me. It was a "treat"


Special K said...

Most all of those are my sister's memories, I was already in high school. Thanks for making me feel ANCIENT! LOL
Oh and the Faygo is still a big deal here and a lot of places thanks to I.C.P. my brother and Cameron drink it religiously!

Kirsten said...

Totally had a crimper. And about a bazillion NKOTB posters all over my room. I also saw them in concert.

Ladiebug said...

I still have my crimper for! Oh my goodness Hgga Bunches! My sister had one and I would sneak it away and older sister and I got My Childs and I wished I had gotten a Hugga Bunch!
Ah Jem..she is truly outrageous!! They still sell that at the dollar store and Dave buys it once in awhile to go down memory!