Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So after having gotten rid of the BS from the weekend.... I had a pretty good day yesterday.
Kevin had tae kwon do yesterday after school so the kids and I walked up to watch a bit. Seriously, I don't know what I would do without these kids. Although Kevin is going through this change in hormones or whatever.... he keeps me smiling and Justin and Bailee are both full of laughs and tickles. Seriously.... all cuteness. I couldn't imagine my life without them.

Look at those faces. I mean really. How cute are they???? **** ok so I am biased... but still.
I have about a half an hour before I have to leave to go pick up Bailee. This walking shit is really tiring me out.... last night I was in bed around 9 and fell asleep before J got home from school. I think he was kinda mad about that......
So he got paid yesterday. On time, which I thought it would be delayed a day with the holiday... but whatever. 140.00 gone from his account because he bounced shit. Of course, he has direct deposit now.... which he did not before. 140.00 could have paid 95% of the insurance bill. That pisses me off. But whatever, I will bail his ass out AGAIN. as usual.
Am I wrong to resent that a little? I mean it would be different if he made an honest mistake somewhere.... but seriously.... almost all the tax return was taken for his student loans. A tax return he got for having MY KIDS in his house.......and now MORE MONEY has to go to bail his ass out of this insurance mess? ( and those are just TWO examples, trust me, there are A LOT more ) All of this just because he can't spend what he HAS and not what he DOESNT HAVE.
Im going to stop talking about it because alls it does is make me angry.
I wonder when my refund check will come from my grants for school...... I can't call them because they are "too busy" and cannot take messages.... grrr.
Speaking of school.....
I have class tonight. I wish I didn't have to go because J and I just pass each other in the hallway most nights and it would be nice to have a night with him......... sigh. Oh well..... keep on truckin!!!!!!!
I asked Allyn to see the kids more. Turns out he couldn't answer my text/voicemail message last weekend because he and bunch of his "friends" were in Ithaca camping and wine tasting. That pissed me off.... so I nicely just sent him a short email and asked him to see the kids more. I doubt he will respond. 2 nights a month is NOT a father. But according to him, paying child support makes him a good father. whatever.... maybe it does....... but these kids need more than money.
**** don't get me wrong. I am thankful that he pays.... when he does.... but the kids need their dad. I see other single fathers taking their kids to dinner during the week or taking them half the week or whatever.... why couldn't we work that out? ya know? It would be a lot of work, but hey, so is everything.
Fuck it.
I'm so emotionally spent. After the weekend and just plain everything else. Im pooped.
Oh well, guess I should do some homework.


Special K said...

Your kids are adorable and I am not biased at all! :)

Ladiebug said...

Your kids are awesome and adorable! That Justin is sooooooo funny and Bailee is so lovey I just want to cuddle on the couch and watch cartoon chick flixs with!
Al spend more time with his! Thats funny! I thought he was supposed to take them from Fri-Sun bi weekly? Guess he weesled out of that. I cant wait for the day his kids tell him he was a sucky dad. Of course that' like 20 years away but hey hopfully by then their words may mean something to them. I hope more that he wakes up sooner than later...
Oh and Jesse needs to stop that shit! Yeah it's the only downfall he has but geesh you guys need a roof over your head and food!