Monday, December 29, 2008

Oh dear.... it's been way too long.

OMG, it's been since early December since I posted??? wow. My apologies.

If we weren't running in circles EVERY FRICKIN DAY I might have had time to post things... sheesh... *** stop yelling at me.


So how was your christmas??? Mine was great! It stood for so much. My kids were happy. Jesse and I were happy. We spent the day with the family. They again showed me how wonderful a family can be...... It was amazing.

So yeah...... I have nothing really crappy to say other than J got into an accident with my car on the 23rd.

He hit a guard rail after spinning out on the MAJOR snow we had. Front bumper and lights are toast. He is fine..... of course, I mean he is pretty tough. BUT......

It's not insured. And not driveable. yes.

Not good at all.

BUT, it could be worse. Atleast we have the van so he can get back and forth to work. Looks like the car can be fixed, we just have to buy headlights. The bumper can be reattached. Until then, I have no second vehicle. I am praying that the car gets fixed before B goes back to school next week. PRAYING. I don't want to walk her in this freaky weather we have been having. Ugh. BUUUUUUT, I'm not going to stress about it because whatever will happen, will happen. right?

Anywhooooooooooo, that's really it.

So, how was your Christmas?


Special K said...

I totally understand! We have vehicle #2 a.k.a. the Nanamobile parked at my Mom's because it died a few weeks ago. I am so nervous because our car is not doing so hot either and we live out in the boonies!
Glad you had a great Xmas! Hope you get your car going soon! I would hate to think of you and the kids walking in that mess! YUCK!

Ladiebug said...

Yuck i hope walking doesnt have to happen!
Glad you guys had a wonderful Christmas!
Promise you will post at leats once a week! LOL!