Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Some easter pictures....

Yes I know she has her eyes

Kevin and his new bike

Justin and his new bike

Jesse and Justin

A GORGOUS orchid plant at the Gardens

A waterfall at the gardens. I love this picture

Justin Easter Morning

Bunny Justin, I love this picture.

Me and Jesse

Me and Justin

Yeah yeah, I know. Im a day late. BUUUUUT was it not the best easter ever????

ok maybe not the best, but my kids are happy and thats all that matters. The kiddos all got new bikes and baskets loaded with candy. They are all happy as a pig in poo and for that I am EXTRA thankful. Honestly, its the first year I have been able to do something that big for them for easter. Financially, that says a lot. The bills are paid and the kids are happy. I've come a LONG way.

We went to Jesse's parents house, just me, Jesse and Justin. I cooked for 10 peeps and everyone LOVED dinner. I am so happy. I have cooked simple stuff for them, but not something like an Easter dinner. I made Ham and all the fixins. It was yummy.

I didn't have Bailee and Kevin yesterday. That broke my heart. I won't lie. This was the first holiday since we split that the kids spent it with their dad. I was ok with it for the day, but easter morning was not the same without them. Justin didn't know what to do. Everything was quiet and weird. I had hoped it would be ok, and in the "me, jesse and justin" way it was normal, but my kiddos weren't all there for the basket reveal and it was just.... weird. But, the kids got to spent easter morning with their dad and I will say that Allyn was really funny in thinking that he was going to "screw it up" and he was afraid of not having Easter morning there like it is at home. He even asked if I use the fake grass because he wanted their baskets to be like they are at home. haah, it was kinda cute that he wanted to be perfect for the kids.

We went to the Botanical Gardens yesterday, note the pictures..... and once I figure this blogger thing out I will post them in the post, as opposed to the top of the post.... I mean WTF? haha.

I had an interesting comment recently from someone who is new to my "world of crazy"...... And you know what? She's effing right. I DO need a full time job. I WISH I could do it too. Man oh man, I was a completely different person when I was working full time. ( some good and some bad ) but still, I WANT TO WORK. BUT alas, who would watch the kids? grrrrr. That aggravates me. BUT I will be going to school full time come fall, so maybe that will work? I'll prob have to give up my job at AE, but hey. I will go to school at night and stay home with homework during the day. AND, summer is coming and I am VERY anxious for the nice weather to get here. Oh yeah... I cannot wait. The kids can ride their bikes and I can take my homework to the park.... it will be great. I am VERY pleased with the idea. Its just the now that I have to deal with. Only a couple weeks left of the snow, right? PRAY. Anyway I'd like to thank my new reader for the comment, she is 100% right.
So yeah, not much else going on. Oh, except a pipe burst under my bathroom sink and soaked us all in water. My landlord is fixing it right now as we speak. hahaha.
Never a dull moment.


Special K said...

The kids are getting so big! I about fainted when I saw how big your "baby" is now, he still has that sweet baby face!!
Bikes for Easter? How awesome, I bet they did love that.

Ladiebug said...

Wow the bikes are awsome! It was so nice of you to let the kiddos be with dad on such a big holiday! I cant believe how big the kida are getting! We definately have to set up play dates where we both are doing homework in the!