Monday, March 24, 2008

Is it REALLY my problem?

Its really no secret that my ex mother in law and I talk occassionally. In fact, we used to talk everyday via text.

Well today she texted me and said that Allyn is driving this expensive Alvalanche because his POS car died. I replied and said, yeah I heard, lol. She replies and said "well its really not funny, he needs a car to work. Then she says, have you given the signed form for Allyn to claim his Kevin on his taxes and if not do it, or else"

Woah. Im sorry, what? or else? REALLY?

So I text back and just say "he hasn't said a word about it"

She says, thanks for the reply.

Um, ok. A) it's NONE OF MY BUSINESS what taxes he owes. B) he's not claiming Kevin and C) Who gives a fuck! ya know????

So why get shitty with his ex wife?

Just sayin.

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Ladiebug said...

wow she has balls! It is his responsibility to make sure he has a car to drive to work not yours. He must have said seomthign to her baout seeing if you will let him claim Kevin so he can get a reliable vehicle...just you wait. If he claims Kevin it's his own fault. He knows you have full custody and it's your right to claim him. Didnt you do your taxes already? Isnt it too late?