Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Well kids.... here I am

Im here. I was able to shower today. THANK GOD. After that whole pipe exploding fiasco yesterday I literally felt like the scum of the earth by like 10pm last night. It was fixed by like 6, but Jesse had to shower, the kids had to have baths and Kevin had to shower so by the time I was done with all my "chores" I was beat. In fact, I fell asleep at 8:30pm. And yeah I missed Britney's big debut on "How I met your mother". dammit.

I admit it people. I AM A GOSSIP ADDICT. Seriously. I read Perez Hilton every single god damned day and I am proud of it. I can't get enough of who Lindsay is dating and how much Britney is effed in the head and OMG the Paris Hilton rumors??? LOVE IT. It's a problem and I know this..... but one that I am not ashamed to admit.... well, maybe a little ashamed since no one knows but you online peeps. haha. Regardless, I am upset that I missed Britney's debut so I can comment accordingly on Perez Hilton.com. poop.

I have to work tonight. I don't want to work tonight. During the week is TOUGH. I have to get dinner ready and eaten before I leave at 5:30pm. I have to get the kids ready for bed and the house cleaned up. If I had my way I would eat at 3pm and leave Jesse on his own. He can cook for himself, the kids however cannot. Soooooooo, poop. Oh and we got yet ANOTHER new manager at work. Luckily this one scheduled me today so she could work with me. WOOHOO. Can't wait. I haven't been scheduled for work in 3 weeks and when I was scheduled they called me off. This manager was nice enough to send out this "memo" with my last 45.00 paycheck ( for 2 weeks ) saying that she was queen and don't eff with her or she will eat you. I exaggerate you not. I am not looking forward to this at all. She will make my VERY part time job into DOUBLE full time stress and I totally don't want that. I was thinking of applying at the cookie place in the mall... don't know tho. I REALLY like the discount I get at American Eagle. Buuuuut is it really worth it? At this point the money isn't helping. And there is this answering service within walking distance of my house that I could apply to that has hours available at anytime..... maybe even full time. What do you guys think?

Jesse and I are doing really well. Things are moving along nicely and I am really trying to make this work. There is a future with him. The problem? he has this "friend" and I don't trust it. She goes to school with him. She texts him, its mostly innocent BS, but still. I don't like it. Im having a hard time trusting. That's mostly my own fault, because you DO choose how you react to things.... but there is just something that bugs me. I thought about texting her. I told Jesse I would.... buuuuuuut, idk. it's such a childish thing to do, right?

So I will let you guys ponder on this for a bit, since my ex hubby is IM'ing me, i totally lost my concentration........grrrrrrrrrrr.

Oh, one more thought.... I HATE CATS. the.end.


Kirsten said...

Ha I found you! yay!

Special K said...

Just caught up on yesterdays too. Poor Allyn, um, he does not do even 50% of the raising? Did he have him 12 months last year? Did a judge say you had to take turns claiming him?
The answers are probably all no. Now tell him to take his Avalanche and drive it off a cliff. You are right, you owe him nothing.
I say the part time job definitely does not sound worth it. I would find something else!

Special K said...

Oh gossip whore here too. I hate Perez though, what a prick!
I am not a jealous person but I can still see why you would be concerned. Probably nothing, in this day and age everybody loves to text any and everybody.
What did A want? LOL

Ladiebug said...

I would worry too if Dave was getting texts from a girl. He has never given me reason to think he would do anything but I wouldnt want him having an opposite sex friend unless they were friends before I came along and we all hung out together regularly.I mean they have class together that should be enough time to talk about school and leave it there.

It cant hurt to look into that answering job. It definately would be convenient for you all. Plus it's not like you are getting the hours you need at American eagle anyway.