Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wonderpets weigh what?

Anyone watch wonderpets? My kids are watching it and let me tell you.... its annoying. A-NOY-ING...... I am going to jump out my living room window if I hear them sing another stupid song.

There, now thats off my chest.


Ok, here it is. My XBFF has been texting me to get online to chat with her this morning, so I did. I got to see pictures from easter of her and my ex fiance and her KIDS with my ex fiance and wow.... that's all I can say is wow. Moving a little fast? Atleast I waited 6 months to introduce my kids to another man, she waited what like 2 weeks? ugh. Even 6 months was questionable. I just don't understand. And yet, I listen to her bitch about how her soon to be ex hubby is upset and fighting her on everything... well duh!!!! I tried to explain to her that he is the victim. He will only see himself as the victim until he finds someone else. And for him, that won't be in 2 weeks! Ugh....

And there's something else that bothers me about my "friend". She is down to 149 pounds. When I started talking to her again 2 years ago she was way over 200 pounds. All I get to hear about is how much weight she lost. Between that and her new love I am about ready to shoot myself. She does this weight loss by not eating. She does this weight loss by battling bulemia ( so she says ) and doing things that I would never recommend. But I am still jealous as heck. I have gained A LOT of weight. I am over 200 pounds now. Back to what I was when I was with Allyn. I find myself emotionally eating. I have cut WAY down on sweets and now when I want to eat I eat a 90 calorie granola bar. I do portion control, I manage my calorie intake and have not lost one frickin pound. I feel like a fat cow. I hate it. I'm wearing a size 16 jeans tightly. To the point where I have a slight "muffin top" sticking out. I am 5 ft 9 in and feel like a giant fatty.

Being jealous sucks. I know we choose how we react to things but wtf. Lindsy, how did you lose 5 pounds in a week? Will you share? And is hubby doing the same diet???

Congrats by the way, I KNOW you are doing it healthy. So please lmk what your doing :)

Ugh, miserable me.



Special K said...

Ditto on the Wonderpets.
Sounds like XBFF has some issues and not just the obvious ones.
I won't tell you about my weight loss then because I want you to love me.

Ladiebug said...

Ugh Wonder ears bleed when I hear that song. I thought it was cute the first time but now I want to just shoot myself in the head to get the song to go away!!

Dave has lost 23 pounds. How? His job has been sedamentary and he was eating late at night so he gained 30 pounds since 2005 when his doctor then told him to lose 30. He eats a toasted english muffin (no butter) for breakfast with cheese, some kind of fruit and 1 cup of coffee (only a little sugar) then for lunch (or dinner on the 2 days he works later) he makes a salad that varies on ingrediants to keep it interesting:lettuce, onion, olives, snow peas,chick peas, sun flower seeds, mushrooms,tomatoes and pickles -for protein- imitation crab, tuna or chicken- he uses Ken's Light dressings and allows himself 2 tbs. He also has one of the following- a snack bag of grapes, apple or whatever fruit we have in the house. He also fills a snack bag with dry cereal that is low in sugar and munches on that and shelled sunflower seeds in between meals. For dinner (or lunch on the days he is home for lunch)he takes one serving of everything I made and only goes back for seconds to the no carb food until he is feeling full. PLUS- he drinks half his body weight in ounces of water before he has anything (other than that cup of coffee)flavored. Example: 200 pounds-drink 100 oz of water daily. This helps flush fat and the sodium intake for the day. On the weekends he has one day where he doesnt really limit himself. It's one day to have what he likes but he doesnt over do it becuase he feels it when he does. if we go out to eat he orders salads. hi fav is the salmon teryaki ceasar at roadhouse and he has peanuts and 2 rolls while waiting. he isnt drinking any pop. I think that alone helps the most. Cabonation is the worst thing for you when trying to lose weight. For exercise he hasnt done any in the last 2 weeks and he is seeing less weight dropping.So he is going back to riding the elliptical 2 times for 30-60 min and the off days he lays on the floor while watching tv lifting weights. I started doing the same thing last wednesday and lost 5 pounds when I weighed myself on Monday. It works! of course since he is a man he drops it quicker.....oh he also has some sort of treat in the house like the 100 calorie york bars that he will have as a snack at night but only if his stomach is growling and as long as its before 7pm.if he gets hungry after that he eats a piece of fruit or veggie.