Friday, August 15, 2008


Well, it seems we now have 21 cats in the house. We had a pregnant kitty and didn't even know it. She had one kitten last night, in the middle of our bed.

No I haven't slept.

Yes I am crabby as fuck.

Let me just say...... Willow, who had the 6 kittens awhile ago is VERY protective of her little ones. Kitty, who had a kitten last night is also VERY protective. Kitty and Willow have to be separated. They have already been in about 3 fights this morning thus involving the other male cats who hurt Jesse the other day making it for a VERY uncomfy situation in my house...... Kitty was freaking out because a male cat was growling and she attacked my leg. I am cut up pretty bad. I called Jesse crying and he said "we will handle it this weekend"...... and behind my breath I was saying BULLSHIT. I WILL HANDLE IT NOW!

He said "Im sorry it has come to this"......

yeah, me too.

Fuck my leg hurts.

I want to thank you all for your support in my post yesterday. That reason is the reason I have been so blog quiet lately. I didn't want to post it and have something happen. I have had my hopes up SO MANY TIMES before.

Honestly, I think I am ready to go. I am not sure when it will happen but it WILL happen. Even if the kids have to change schools over the school year. I do want to wait, but something is pulling me to B and away from J. Maybe it's my happiness??? I don't know.

I just want to be happy.

The l word was used yesterday between B and I. I told Kevin about whats happening. He told me he wouldn't miss J at all if we didn't live here. That said so much to me..... in fact it screamed at me. I feel horrible that it took this long.

I was thinking that MAYBE I could get J to live somewhere else and I could stay here. I MIGHT be able to get Allyn to help with the bills a bit. If not maybe J will help contribute....... I'm just not sure. It's all making my stomach hurt.

Thanks again guys. I love you all....... so so so so sos os sososososoosososo much.


Special K said...

The cat thing is just beyond ridiculous. I think J has some serious serious issues, a grown man attached to cats in the manner of not caring the destruction and hell they cause over his family is just, well, I won't say it but I will say you are probably making a wise decision.
Kevin broke my heart. :(

Ladiebug said...

Yikes it sounds like he thinks this his his only way of controlling things. How can he honestly think that it is safe for you and the kids to even be in a house with that many cats!?
When you said J got hurt the other day i thought you meant Justin! I was freaking out! I was all ready to come and beat some sense into Jesse if that didnt get him motivated to evict the cats.
As for Kevin saying he wouldnt miss Jesse well like I said he has probably been feeling/seeing things are. I do think part of him will miss him when he sees Jesse picking Justin up....