Tuesday, January 6, 2009


As many of you know, I do not have a license right now. It was suspended due to lapse of insurance, because we couldn't afford the insurance when we lived in our old house, we paid silly things like the rent first. Anyway, they suspended my license for it, and honestly I don't really NEED it, up until recently I was home all the damn time, so who cares, right?

Well, recently we got that second vehicle and I decided that maybe it be time for me to get my license back. So I contacted the DMV and found out what I have to do to get it back. All I have to do is pay 25.00 because it has been 2 years AND pay for the parking tickets I have outstanding.....


How is it possible that I have parking tickets? ESPECIALLY since I don't ever drive? And I am smart enough to know better when parking, I don't think I EVER got a parking ticket.

The DMV gives me the phone number for the Buffalo parking violations bureau and I call them. Well, getting through to them was a bitch. I won't lie. Once I did get through, the phone on the other end kept clicking and then I got a dial tone then a busy signal... it was messed up. So while on hold going through the menu about 47 times I looked them up online. I found out that you can look up your summons' online with your plate number. Cool. Let me see whats up here.

THREE tickets. from DOWNTOWN.


Those who know me know that I DONT DRIVE DOWNTOWN BECAUSE I DONT KNOW DOWNTOWN BUFFALO. So where oh where did these tickets come from?

Yep, you guessed it.


BUT, they wrote them to me because the car was issued to me.

The total, including getting my registration back??? 175.90


yeah, so yet again I am paying financially to get Jesse out of a mess that he created using MY fucking name!!!!

I'm angry. But you know what? I will just pay it and move on. 2009 is supposed to be one without anger, right?

So this weekend, I have to pay water, my tickets, the cable/internet/phone, Bailee's dance class and her costume. I MIGHT have about 40 bucks left for some groceries.

Again, my entire "pay" GONE.

I'm so tired of this guys. I am going to have to pay 200.00 to get my license back and then get insurance this month too! ( the van is still in J's grandparents name ) PLUS registration on the van.... holy fuck. I am REALLY trying here and it's just not working!

So I decided to apply for a job. Delivering papers. It's one I can do on foot if I need to and I can take the kids if I need to. They haven't called me back yet. It will be an extra 200.00 per month ( maybe )

Im financially frustrated. If I had all the money back that I have bailed Jesse out with, I would be a rich woman. Seriously, and this goes back to when we were just dating. My mom even bailed him out once or twice. It's just never ending.

And its easy to say, JUST TAKE OVER THE BILLS! but in all honesty, I do pay everything but rent and groceries. I am taking over the bills, with my money. Well atleast I know they are getting paid.

I should probably shut up.

I know there are worse things that could happen.

shutting up now.

I just read a post about a friend who is drama centered and has to make everything about her.... btw, to that blog post-er, my former BFF was JUST like that.... omg. She still is, I mean remember I DO have a crush on her and thats the reason we aren't friends anymore, didn't ya know???? haha..... anyway, I am recently frustrated with a friend of mine who used to be there EVERY SINGLE DAY even just to chat and now, she is busy with boyfriends and other friends and mama is feeling left out. :(

Am I also being stupid on that note???? I just feel bad. At one time she knew everything about me and now she just doesn't know me much at all.


Im going to go have a pity party.

and no, it's no one who reads this blog....lol.


Anonymous said...

Do you have any developmental service agencies in your city? They usually hire anyone, even if you don't have any experience working with people with disabilities. Casual workers pretty much just sign up for the shifts they want. It's a great job and the pay is pretty good (at least here in Canada...I used to work for one full time, but now I work for one casually as I got a full time position in my own field). Something to consider. I am really really enjoying reading your blogs!

Special K said...

I will loan you that friend and her whole fam damily if you want! LOL It is easier to deal with her 3 hours away though.
OMG Jesse did it again! He sounds to me like he is afraid of you or something LOL he better be huh? That is really immature though, I don't know why he keeps doing these things and not taking responsibility, you have the right to bitch, that is fucked up!
((HUGS)) for the New Year, let's hope we get this one mostly right!

BellyBug said...

Could you provide day care services from your home??

Ladiebug said...

Ugh why oh why will he not learn? I dont understand why he just doesnt hand over his check to you so the bills can be paid. You guys would have so much extra fun money if he would just do that!
Sorry to hear about your friend.